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Posted in Inspire, Telecommuting, Work, Your Health | 0 comments

So as it turns out my 40+ year old knees have provided me with some down time and a much needed break from the brick and mortar, butts in...

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Repost from Mr. Money Mustache! Kill Your Grocery Bill

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Saving Money, Your Health | 0 comments

This article comes from Mr.Money Mustache – the freaky financial magician who retired along with a lovely wife at age 30 in order to...

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Ploughshares Nursery – A Social Enterprise of Alameda Point Collaborative

Posted in Community, Green Living, Healthy Food, Inspire | 2 comments

There are many reasons I want to write a post about Ploughshares Nursery (located in Alameda, CA).  For one, I (cece) volunteer there and...

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Veggie Burgers – Which Ones Are Safe….

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Your Health | 6 comments

I found this article on Food Babe and just had to repost. We try to eat vegan most of the time and this information is invaluable!!! If...

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Kona’s Healthy Secret – Basik Acai

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Restaurants, Travel, Your Health | 3 comments

Basik Acai is a little gem in downtown Kona, Hawaii.  They offer healthy, organic acai bowls and smoothies for breakfast and lunch.  We...

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Genetically Modified Food – How Can You Tell?

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Your Health | 1 comment

Thanks to for the following information: We Currently Eat Genetically Engineered Food, But Don’t Know It Fact: GMO’s...

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Sustainable and Healthy Food – Tucson Gems

Posted in Explore, Green Living, Healthy Food, Restaurants, Travel, Your Health | 2 comments

This was our first trip to Tucson, AZ and we were jazzed to find so many gems throughout the city (1 farmer’s market and 3...

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Juicing Fruits & Veggies

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Saving Money, Your Health | 8 comments

We have 4 months of full-timing under our belt. Back in August when we spent that first night in the Airstream with our pets, we...

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Sustainable and beautiful – our new Kirei desk

Posted in Airstream, Design for Small Spaces, Interior, Recycling, Your Health | 5 comments

Brenda and I built this work desk that replaced the dinette we removed.  A lovely RVing couple came to get the dinette and are using it. ...

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Expert’s Corner – American Clay Application 101

Posted in American Clay, Carbon Footprint, Design for Small Spaces, Expert's Corner, Green Living, Interior, Your Health | 2 comments

The kind folks at American Clay Enterprises, LLC sent us over some tips on how to apply this beautiful and colorful product.  As you know...

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Cool Biodegradable Plates Made from Palm Trees

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Green Living, Products, Reviews | 1 comment

We met Guru Shetty from Avani at the San Francisco Green Festival.  He has a unique product that we couldn’t resist trying out. ...

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Greenguard Certified and non-toxic adhesives

Posted in Airstream, Carbon Footprint, Green Living, Interior, Your Health | 0 comments

After several weeks of research (talking with Eron from Eco Craft Cabinetry – our cabinet installer, Airstream and 3M) we have found...

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