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Tiny House Update: Finishing the Reclaimed Flooring

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Howdy All – This post is a followup to the post about the reclaimed flooring install . Our floor finishing guy (and bathroom tile...

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Five Easy and Eco-Friendly Updates to Itty-Bitty Bathrooms

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For tiny home owners and itty-bitty bathroom users looking to stretch the spatial feel of the space without altering the room’s...

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Repost – How London is Keeping the 2012 Olympics Sustainable

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Green Living, Recycling | 0 comments

How London is Keeping the 2012 Olympics Sustainable Thanks to Ecosalon… this is a repost by Aylin Erman Carrying the torch for...

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Sustainable Moab

Posted in Explore, Travel | 0 comments

We just received a wonderful response to our last blog entitled “Exploring Moab”.   The folks from Visit Moab Utah wrote us to...

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Recycling – Airstream parts we removed

Posted in Airstream, Interior, Recycling | 4 comments

What are we doing with the Airstream parts we remove?  Putting them in a landfill? Trying not to.  Our goal during this remodel has been...

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