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There is a ton of information on the web about green living, organic products, sustainable choices, etc.  We are proud to highlight our sponsors because they are dedicated professionals looking to promote change.  Their words are insightful, educational and thought provoking.  This page is dedicated to them! Click the links to go to the corresponding blog/web page.

Organic Fabrics with O Ecotextiles – What Does “Organic” Really Mean – Make A Difference With Your Dollars

Incandescent, CFL and LED lighting comparison with Elemental LED – The Global Impact of Your Lighting

Earthen Plaster Wall Application with American Clay – American Clay Application 101


  1. Looks great I would love to know about how you did the walls !

  2. Hey Troy – check out the videos page for a prep video and see above on this page there is a new blog on American Clay application..

  3. Hi – would like to know how you outfitted to solar. We are trying to get our RV switched over to solar and cant seem to do it without a big battery bank, inverter and lots of solar panels. Would love any info on how to get enough wattage to run AC, micro, computers, etc….

    • Good to hear from you Beth! Unfortunately, the battery bank is directly correlated to how much energy you would like to save and in turn how much you use. We actually replaced our existing batteries with 4 AGM (abrorbed glass mat) at about 70 pounds each and saved some weight by using 2 flexible solar panels and 1 large rigid panel. With the energy we collect we can run everything but the AC, and we removed the microwave, but still could have used it with our existing setup. We have 500 watts of solar, 4 AGM batteries and a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter/charger – we find this is currently sufficient for our needs. We could add a portable panel that we would set up as needed and strategically place in direct sun as our panels are fixed to the roof, (the rigid panel does tilt). The AC is just a big energy hog and really isn’t feasible to run off of solar, we just try to chase 70 degrees and avoid using it all together unless we plug in at a park – we also love the fantastic fans and use 2. We do work while on the road so it is important for us to be in the sun every few days to charge to enable us to maintain the energy we need. Please check out the Airstream tab on our website for pics and more solar information, .

  4. Thanks for the great information that you are sharing with us!!!

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