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You know the saying it takes a village?  Well, we couldn’t agree more.  Thank you to our sponsors.  We couldn’t have done this without you!

Airstream Remodel Sponsors

American Clay Earth Plasters are a natural, environmentally friendly way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the USA, these plasters are an alternative to cement, acrylic and lime plasters, offering superior color, richness, texture and depth not found with other finishes.  Carol Baumgartel, co-founder, donated AC materials for this project.  Thank you!


KEETSA is committed to presenting a line of sleep products that has a minimum impact on your pocketbook and the environment.  They have innovated many changes resulting in a more eco- friendly product line and process.  They use organic cotton, bio foam and tea leaf extract.   They donated a full-size Tea Leaf Supreme mattress.  To all the folks at Keetsa – our sleeping heads thank you.


At Applied Solar Energy, their mission is to apply the sun’s energy to create value for our clients, achieve sustainability, and to protect the environment.  They are Monterey Bay’s premier solar installer and solar designer for 30 years.  Thanks Tony for the donation of labor for the solar install!


Terrasanti – Penngrove, CA – Owner Rick Kantor is amazing.  Extraordinary natural wall finishes in hundreds of styles and colors displayed with decorative artifacts from around the world. Over 2000 square feet of custom, hand-textured walls in dozens of colors for your consideration.  After we prepped the Airstream wall, Rick and Jim donated their time, came in and did their magic.  Thanks Rick!


Greenspace Building is dedicated to creating dynamic, beautiful, and soulful living spaces.  They honor the environment and seek to protect earth’s limited resources through creatively working with sustainable, renewable, and non-toxic materials whenever possible. Jim Gooley has been an inspiration for us – he added American Clay to his own Airstream and has mentored us every step of the way.  Jim and Rick masterfully applied AC to our airstream. Thanks for donating your labor Jim!


At Elemental LED, they are certifiably NUTS about LED Lights, but they are also certified sustainability enthusiasts and style snobs. They were founded on the belief that everyone has the right to energy efficient LED lighting that looks good. Elemental LED is dedicated to making LED lighting affordable and accessible to everyone; not only because LED lights are mod and cool, but because LED lighting technology is the safest and most energy efficient way to light up our world.  Thanks to Elemental LED, we will be sporting donated interior and exterior LED lighting.  Thanks Charlotte, Matt and crew!  They are sponsoring us as part of their REACH program – Reduce Energy and Contribute to Humanity.  Check out this pamphlet highlighting what lights were used (along with Airsteam pics)GreenRVPamphlet.combined – It’s a PDF so you will have to click on it a 2nd time to open it up.


Outback Power is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, back-up power and mobile applications. With an emphasis on product performance OutBack has established itself as the product of choice in harsh environmental conditions and applications where product reliability is paramount.  Their mission is to provide energy independence through innovative technology.  They have helped us achieve just that through their donation of an inverter, charge controller and monitor.  Thanks Outback!


Blue Gold for Life has a decade of experience in the water treatment system industry. Their product started with reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and most recently they have introduced an incredible line of products that enable the consumer to have healthy drinking water wherever they go, whether it be hiking or camping, to backpacking in the high country, to a safari – these portable products give the consumer the confidence to know they are drinking safe water everywhere.

Two-fold mission at Blue Gold for Life is to educate consumers about being water-wise and reduce their use of bottled water; and to offer water treatment products that are affordable yet give the consumer clean and healthy water for all lifestyles.  Thanks Danny for donating a whole house water filtration system!


Hardwoods Specialty Products is a recognized leader in the wholesale distribution of hardwood lumber, plywood and related products to the woodworking industry.    Since inception they have relied on the sustainability of the forest products industry, taking seriously the commitment to the promotion of green building products.  Hardwoods donated their Echo Wood veneer in Madagascar Ebony to re-surface our existing cabinets.  Thanks Dan and crew!


EcoCraft is an East Bay source for affordable, environmentally-friendly, custom cabinetry specializing in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, work stations, entertainment centers, store fixtures, and other built-in storage units.  They re-surfaced our existing cabinetry with Echo Wood veneer.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in cabinet production, EcoCraft uses FSC-certified, non-toxic materials and finishes. The company is moving in the direction of the tiny house movement.. look for sustainable furniture and cabinetry designed for small spaces as well as energy efficient appliances coming soon.  Thanks Eron and Burr for donating labor for the veneer install.


Ecco Mi – Eco – friendly design.  Monica donated design consultation as well as discounted cork flooring.  Ecco Mi Design connects the dots in new construction, additions and remodels. Providing color schemes, layouts, material and finishes selection, your project will be professionally managed from concept to completion.

An article featuring Monica from West Petaluma Living: Green Conscious Interior Designer Monica Binsfeld Launches ‘Ecco Mi’ Riverside Studio.  Thanks Monica!


A creative group of diverse filmmakers and artists, EyeQ Films is a small video production company crafting imaginative and intelligent digital media for corporate, commercial, and film projects.  We are gearing up to travel and promote sustainable living, all in our green home on wheels.  Our mission is to be an educational resource for simple, environmentally-friendly living, building community, and having fun!  EyeQ Films will help document this journey through photos and video. Thanks Richie and Chris!


O Ecotextiles wants to change the way textiles are made by proving that it’s possible to produce luxurious, sensuous fabrics in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.  They donated beautiful, organic fabric to reupholster the couch.  Thank Patty and Leigh Anne!


Special thanks to:

High Flex Solar – Provided discounted pricing on 2 – 130 watt flexible solar panels.  Thanks Carlo.

Truck Toyz – Provided discounted pricing on our truck camper shell and kayak racks.

New Growth Furnishings – Donated additional cabinetry made from recycled wood.
When you look through the photos you will see the tall cabinet that houses the cat litter box and other shelving.  Thanks Shawn!

GoodMakers Films and GM Street Team – They donated time to create the logo for On the Green Road.  GoodMakers Films is a a dynamic Director/Producer team who have combined their expertise in digital film production with their love of adventure, travel and a family commitment to making a difference in the world.  The GM Street team serves as the creative youth division of GoodMaker’s. Comprised of a collection of tenacious twenty somethings, the GM Street Team is a self-sufficient tribe of do-gooders, producing and managing creative events, initiatives and campaigns to spotlight various charities and spread the general notion of giving back.

Robb Pope – electrical guru – Robb installed all the LED lighting inside the Airstream as well as the waterproof exterior LED lighting.  Robb also creates LED lighting for bicycles and has put colored LED’s on our bikes.  Check out his great website Brighter Cycling.

Lumicor – architectural recycled resin panels – provided us with a 4 foot by 8 foot, 1/2 inch panel with anti-bacterial coating at a huge discount.  We used this to build a new shower door. Thanks!

Wilson Glass – Josh took the 4×8 foot panel of Lumicor and fabricated/installed the new shower door.  Looks great.

Avani Store – Guru Shetty brings Bio-plates to the masses.  They are made from the naturally shedding leaves of the Areca Palm Tree. These leaves are collected from the ground, washed and heat pressed into various shapes & sizes in a green environment. Compostable, natural party plates and bowls ready for you to use.  We are using these plates and testing their lifespan – approved for one time use we are finding that they can last for weeks, if not months.  We love them.

Alyce Santoro – – donated 2 yards of Sonic Fabric, a versatile textile woven from 50% polyester thread and 50% audio cassette tape.  We made pillows from this recycled product.

Glenn DeCastro – Donated his skills to rewire our entertainment area for HD.

Alexis Curreri – Donated her design skills to help us match colors/palettes.


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