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Tiny House Update: Gutters and Stairs

Posted in Tiny Home | 2 comments

It’s the beginning of December and we have more to report… YIPPEE....

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Tiny House Update: Roof and Windows

Posted in Tiny Home | 4 comments

Happy turkey day to everyone out there – hope it was a wonderful time...

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Great Resource for FREE/Cheap Camping and Boondocking

Posted in Airstream, boondocking, Camping, Recreation, Saving Money, Travel | 0 comments

Howdy folks, We would like to share a great RV and camping resource we ran...

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Alameda Tiny House Remodel Sponsor: Cerno (LED lighting)

Posted in Conserve, Design for Small Spaces, Green Living, Tiny Home | 0 comments

We are happy to announce our newest eco house remodel sponsor, Cerno Group,...

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Little House Rafters, Dormers

Posted in Tiny Home | 0 comments

Hello All – it is 10/13/2014 and the framing portion of our little house...

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More Framing – Eco House Remodel

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Tiny Home | 0 comments

It’s 9/29/2014 and we are making headway. We have more framing pictures...

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Tiny House: Walls Go Up

Posted in Tiny Home | 0 comments

Well we are thrilled to announce our first floor walls are being framed and...

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Tiny House Nation – Casting Call

Posted in Tiny Home | 18 comments

July 2014 – Want to be a part of the Tiny House Nation? Looking to build...

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Tiny House Remodel: Concrete Pour Day

Posted in Tiny Home | 0 comments

It happened on 7/10/14.  We reinforced the existing foundation to support a...

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Tiny House Remodel: Foundation Work

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Tiny Home | 0 comments

It turns out the subfloor tilts 3 inches from the front of the house to the...

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Tiny House: Tearing Down the House

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Events/News, Tiny Home | 2 comments

Here are a bunch of pics from our tiny house demolition.  We took down a good...

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Join Us For Demo This Sunday

Posted in Tiny Home | 0 comments

Join us this Sunday as we start our tiny house demolition. We will provide...

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Solar Roadways – An Introduction

Posted in Green Living, Solar | 0 comments

I am writing this blog entry even after the Solar Roadways Indiegogo campaign...

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Tiny House Remodel Starting June 1st

Posted in Events/News, Tiny Home | 1 comment

Hello Hello Hello… It’s been a while but we are happy to announce...

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Eco-Products Kitchen Review

Posted in Products, Reviews | 1 comment

We were excited to get an email from Eco-Products recently –...

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Love Some Cargo Bikes

Posted in Conserve, Green Living, Saving Money | 0 comments

Brenda and I have ridden bikes since we were tots.. but it’s only in the...

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GasFrac: making fracking greener for the oil and gas industry

Posted in energy | 0 comments

GasFrac: making fracking greener for the oil and gas industry Fracking is a...

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Introducing Small Footprint Living (

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Tiny Home | 1 comment

Howdy folks, We want to introduce our new website –...

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Repost from Mr. Money Mustache! Kill Your Grocery Bill

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Saving Money, Your Health | 0 comments

This article comes from Mr.Money Mustache – the freaky financial...

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Spice Monkey Restaurant Offers Full-­Service Free Thanksgiving Dinner in Exchange for Donations to Local Food Bank

Posted in Community, Events/News, Healthy Food, Restaurants, Volunteer | 0 comments

Join us at Spice Monkey this Thanksgiving (this Thursday for dinner). They...

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Five Easy and Eco-Friendly Updates to Itty-Bitty Bathrooms

Posted in Green Living, Guest Post | 0 comments

For tiny home owners and itty-bitty bathroom users looking to stretch the...

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Creating A Location Independent Career

Posted in Work | 2 comments

One of the most common questions we receive is how we can afford to travel at...

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Rent Our Eco Airstream on Airbnb

Posted in Airstream, Rent the Airstream, Tiny Home, Travel | 15 comments

We decided to take the plunge and rent out our Airstream for vacations on...

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