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Our motto is pretty simple – Conserve. Explore. Inspire.

CONSERVE: Be accountable and responsible.  Our plan: A diesel truck powered by waste veggie oil.  An Airstream travel trailer with solar panels, a composting toilet, rain water collection and interior eco-friendly products…. Off Grid.

Full-time RVing…. On the green road.  We are driving towards sustainability one mile at a time.  We owned a home.  We sold a home.  We rented a house that was 1500 s.f.  Now we’re living in under 200 s.f.  We are living on less and living more purposefully.

Thirst for natural resources is depleting our earth.  We are inspired to reduce our carbon footprint and be accountable for our actions and how we impact others.  Our adventure begins with down-sizing our life and selling off everything we either don’t need or aren’t using – embracing the idea of simple and frugal living.  We found a used 2003 Airstream Safari (25 footer) and proceeded to make it “off the grid” and self sustaining…. converting a used diesel truck to run on waste veggie oil (wvo).  This might be more challenging than we think but that’s part of the fun!


EXPLORE: Create community. There are people to meet, cultures to explore, and places that will captivate our spirits. This site is a dedicated resource to everyone out there looking for that balance between passion, sustainability and freedom. Our goal is to promote social change in a positive, hands on and interactive way – in ourselves and others.  Movement, travel and exposure will bring us out of the comforts of a brick and mortar life and into the excitement of unknown terrain.

INSPIRE: Incite action and collaboration – fuel the conversation for simple, sustainable living. We are all inter-connected. We are inspired by so many folks out there in the world making a difference, people we know personally and people we only know through media, print or radio. Our hope is that by sharing our life and vision we can inspire and be inspired by others. We plan to document our process and provide generous detail. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Collaborating with others will allow this vision a chance to grow and multiply. Once we are on the green road, we will be available for presentations and tours to discuss the green systems we employ and how we managed to down-size our life to get to this point.

Join us on our journey!  We hope to see you out there.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments.


  1. Cece you have an eye for photography that is for sure! I love your work!!!

    • I am honored and smiling… thanks for your “professional” opinion. Love your wedding photography site as well… especially the pin up shots,

  2. Your Airstream is beautiful. You are doing what we have been working on for a couple of years. I have one question. Where is your closet? Wishing you good fortune on your journeys.

  3. Hi Valerie –

    Thanks so much. Good luck on your own project/lifestyle overhaul. Our closets are in the mid section of the Airstream. Photos coming soon. Many people are asking this same question. They want to know where we keep everything. Blog coming soon with an explanation 🙂

  4. Hi, I am 24 and have felt trapped in society for far too long. I am just realizing that I need to be a better human on this planet and explore more. You can’t explore very well when you work paycheck to paycheck and are always in debt. Need to kick start my new life but not sure how to just “let go” so I am setting a goal of 2014 to have a popup and move out. What about car insurance? Do you pay that? Any advice of guidance would be much appreciated.

    • Hey Callum – We can really relate to what you are feeling. The good news is that you are ONLY 24 years old and already feel like you are ready for a change. Some things that we kept in mind while down-sizing our life were: give yourself a few years to make changes – think about how long it took you to get into your current unhappy situation – be patient and change will come. If you make more money that you spend – you can either pick up more work and make more money OR spend less. Look at where you spend the most and consider making changes (home/car/eating out, etc). Start with small changes but start immediately. Yes we have car and RV insurance currently through Geico – you could also use Good Sam. Good luck 🙂

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