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Eco-Products Kitchen Review

Posted in Products, Reviews | 1 comment

We were excited to get an email from Eco-Products recently –  ( If you’re unfamiliar with the...

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HitTail Review: Where Our Web Traffic Comes From and How To Increase It

Posted in Products, Reviews | 1 comment

Hello everyone.  Cece here.  A few weeks ago I ran across an analytics plug-in called HitTail.  It focuses on keyword searches and how...

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Introducing SMEG – our newest sponsor

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Products, Tiny Home | 4 comments

We are super happy to announce SMEG appliances as a sponsor for our tiny house remodel.  Smeg is an italian home appliance manufacturer...

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Elemental LED Press Release Highlighting OTGR

Posted in Airstream, Events/News, Media, Products | 6 comments

We love Elemental LED – we have from the moment they stepped on board as a sponsor.  They are based out of Emeryville, CA just a few...

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Parasite Farm – modern day urban composting

Posted in Conserve, Green Living, Products | 0 comments

This article came out today on Inhabitat – very cool concept.  Click the link above to see their write up. The Parasite Farm is a...

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Airstream Bathroom Makeover – Lumicor recycled resin panel

Posted in Airstream, Interior, Products | 2 comments

We love the new shower door.  We decided not to change the interior of the shower, the actual fiberglass itself… We found a company...

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Cool Biodegradable Plates Made from Palm Trees

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Green Living, Products, Reviews | 1 comment

We met Guru Shetty from Avani at the San Francisco Green Festival.  He has a unique product that we couldn’t resist trying out. ...

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