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Expert’s Corner – Organic Fabrics

Posted in Expert's Corner, Green Living, Interior, Your Health | 5 comments

Welcome to the first blog from the “Expert’s Corner”. What are the professionals talking about? O Ecotextiles was...

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American Clay walls – before and after photos

Posted in Airstream, American Clay, Interior, Walls and Ceiling, Your Health | 9 comments

The airstream walls look great.  After 40 hours of prep work we are happy to say that the walls/ceiling are complete.  American Clay...

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Recycling – Airstream parts we removed

Posted in Airstream, Interior, Recycling | 4 comments

What are we doing with the Airstream parts we remove?  Putting them in a landfill? Trying not to.  Our goal during this remodel has been...

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Shower Remodel – we need your help

Posted in Airstream, Design for Small Spaces, Interior | 4 comments

We would love input on ways to remodel the shower – keeping in mind we would like to use healthy, eco or recycled materials and that...

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Airstream Stats

Posted in Airstream, Interior, Stats | 4 comments

Here are the Airstream stats for those out there that enjoy this type of detail…….. We will continue to update this list as we...

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Revamping and Recycling..

Posted in Airstream, Composting Toilet, Interior, Recycling, Walls and Ceiling | 6 comments

We spent the day taking out the old.. dinette table and chairs, the pull out table that was in front of the couch, light fixtures, the...

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Mouse Fur

Posted in Airstream, Interior, Walls and Ceiling | 4 comments

So what we have on at least half of our Airstream wall is what Airstreamers affectionately call “mouse fur”.  Basically, it is...

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