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Posted in Inspire, Telecommuting, Work, Your Health | 0 comments

So as it turns out my 40+ year old knees have provided me with some down time and a much needed break from the brick and mortar, butts in...

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Santa Cruz Woman Builds Tiny House and Donates to Homeless

Posted in Community, Inspire, Tiny Home | 1 comment

Kendall Ronzano is a college student from Santa Cruz with a big heart and a great cause – Nerd Girl Homes – Building tiny...

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Ploughshares Nursery – A Social Enterprise of Alameda Point Collaborative

Posted in Community, Green Living, Healthy Food, Inspire | 2 comments

There are many reasons I want to write a post about Ploughshares Nursery (located in Alameda, CA).  For one, I (cece) volunteer there and...

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OTGR 2.0 – An Update

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Design for Small Spaces, Homesteading, Saving Money, Simple Abundance, Tiny Home, Travel | 2 comments

So sorry to have been gone for over a month… things have been busy and sad for us recently.  We  have had family sickness and...

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Start Something That Matters – Being Inspired by TOMS One for One Business Model

Posted in Events/News, Inspire, Passion, Personal is Political | 6 comments

I am one of those people that looks for inspiration on a daily basis.  Both Brenda and I just kind of wake up each day and say “what...

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The Ultimate Road Trip – Failure as Opportunity

Posted in Explore, Inspire, Travel | 2 comments

“I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks that when you set out looking for the big answers in life, you gotta be as...

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Beekeeping Basics (from Apartment Therapy)

Posted in Green Living, Homesteading, Passion | 5 comments

Beekeeping Basics: Equipment List We just ran across this great blog about beekeeping equipment from Apartment Therapy.  It’s a...

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30 Quotes on Living Small

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Design for Small Spaces, Green Living, Simple Abundance, Tiny Home | 2 comments

Living small, downsizing and minimalism… thanks to the folks at Eco Salon for putting these together.  We just had to share. Have...

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Blessings to YOU for 2012

Posted in Biofuel, Diesel Truck, Simple Abundance, Travel | 3 comments

Life has a way of throwing you curve balls.  We spent New Year’s Eve at the Chevron in Comfort, TX.  We were driving along on I-10...

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Being of Service

Posted in Events/News, Inspire | 1 comment

If you haven’t heard of Daily Om – here’s your introduction.  We get daily emails with thoughtful reminders and...

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Posted in Events/News, Green Living, Inspire, Passion, Simple Abundance, Travel | 2 comments

We have so much to be thankful for this time of year.  We are currently in Tucson but have been in Santa Cruz pretty much the whole month...

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Airstream tour with Cece

Posted in Airstream, Inspire, Interior | 4 comments

I’m not a pro.. a bit shaky.. but I couldn’t resist taking a video of our finished Airstream.  Follow your...

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