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Expert’s Corner – American Clay Application 101

Posted in American Clay, Carbon Footprint, Design for Small Spaces, Expert's Corner, Green Living, Interior, Your Health | 2 comments

The kind folks at American Clay Enterprises, LLC sent us over some tips on how to apply this beautiful and colorful product.  As you know...

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Cool Biodegradable Plates Made from Palm Trees

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Green Living, Products, Reviews | 1 comment

We met Guru Shetty from Avani at the San Francisco Green Festival.  He has a unique product that we couldn’t resist trying out. ...

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Greenguard Certified and non-toxic adhesives

Posted in Airstream, Carbon Footprint, Green Living, Interior, Your Health | 0 comments

After several weeks of research (talking with Eron from Eco Craft Cabinetry – our cabinet installer, Airstream and 3M) we have found...

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Expert’s Corner – Mercury, Saving Money and Landfills – lighting makes a difference

Posted in Conserve, Expert's Corner, Green Living, Saving Money, undefined, Your Health | 3 comments

                    Elemental LED presents the comparison between incandescents,...

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Expert’s Corner – Organic Fabrics

Posted in Expert's Corner, Green Living, Interior, Your Health | 5 comments

Welcome to the first blog from the “Expert’s Corner”. What are the professionals talking about? O Ecotextiles was...

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Earth Day with WSI @ Alemany Farm

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Green Living, Healthy Food, Restaurants, Your Health | 4 comments

She pulled a ripe plum from the tree in her back yard and took a bite.  To her husbands horror he repulsed, “Your going to eat that…...

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Healthy Food on the Road

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Restaurants, Travel | 0 comments

Everyone knows when you travel it isn’t always easy to stay healthy and eat organic food. Our Airstream has a kitchen so we will...

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A Prefab and some land – our dream for down the road

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Green Living, Prefab, Tiny Home | 0 comments

Our immediate future is Airstream travel and eco-education … but down the road in a few years we dream of owning some land with...

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Composting Toilet – How it works

Posted in Airstream, Carbon Footprint, Composting Toilet, Conserve, Green Living, Off the Grid | 28 comments

What about the poop? Everyone wants to know how we could possibly use a toilet that doesn’t flush and doesn’t use water. And...

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Paying People to Use Composting Toilets

Posted in Composting Toilet, Green Living | 2 comments

Another cool article from Treehugger featuring composting toilets: One bodily function may soon bring a windfall for residents of Durban,...

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Biofuel – B100 Stations

Posted in Biofuel, Carbon Footprint, Diesel Truck, Green Living | 0 comments

Just a few of the stations in the U.S. where the general public can fill up with 100% biodiesel.

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Composting Toilets, oh my…

Posted in Airstream, Carbon Footprint, Composting Toilet, Green Living | 6 comments

We LOVE going to AS dealers – hello eye candy and beauty everywhere.  Silver heavenly structures…. So needless to say, because...

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