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Eco Airstream Photos

Posted in Airstream, American Clay, Carbon Footprint, Composting Toilet, Conserve, Interior, Off the Grid, Recycling, Solar, Walls and Ceiling | 5 comments

Eco Airstream – renovated 23 foot Safari…   Thanks to Barbara and Wayne Yasuhara (Y Studio Photography).  More after...

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Posted in Airstream, Travel | 0 comments

Love this idea!!! Two cousins tired of rising house prices ditch their corporate life to live out of an airstream and start Trailermade, a...

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Full-Time Airstreamers – a list

Posted in Airstream | 2 comments

Want to know what kind of folks full-time in their Airstream? Thanks to Just Live Simple for this list of full-time Airstreamers…...

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Great Resource for FREE/Cheap Camping and Boondocking

Posted in Airstream, boondocking, Camping, Recreation, Saving Money, Travel | 0 comments

Howdy folks, We would like to share a great RV and camping resource we ran into some time back. We have been meaning to write about the...

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Rent Our Eco Airstream on Airbnb

Posted in Airstream, Rent the Airstream, Tiny Home, Travel | 15 comments

We decided to take the plunge and rent out our Airstream for vacations on Airbnb.  We have had so many of you ask about staying in the eco...

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Airstream – Sustainability Efforts

Posted in Airstream, Carbon Footprint, Conserve | 1 comment

We had the opportunity to visit the Ohio Airstream plant recently.  We were invited by their VP of Marketing, Mollie Hansen.  We stayed at...

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Airstream Rally – Hot Springs, AR

Posted in Airstream, Rally, Travel | 11 comments

Friends of Dorothy Airstream Rally 2012 – Hot Springs, Arkansas This was our first Airstream rally and it was awesome – great...

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Storage Spaces for Tiny Living

Posted in Airstream, Design for Small Spaces, Storage | 3 comments

Where do we keep our stuff in the Airstream .. books, magazines, clothes, spices, plants, cleaners, etc?  We sold the house and along with...

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5,000 Miles With American Clay: In Detail

Posted in Airstream, American Clay, Interior, Walls and Ceiling | 7 comments

We are 100% happy with our decision to use American Clay plaster on the interior walls of the Airstream.  It was a bit tricky to do the...

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Elemental LED Press Release Highlighting OTGR

Posted in Airstream, Events/News, Media, Products | 6 comments

We love Elemental LED – we have from the moment they stepped on board as a sponsor.  They are based out of Emeryville, CA just a few...

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Sustainable and beautiful – our new Kirei desk

Posted in Airstream, Design for Small Spaces, Interior, Recycling, Your Health | 5 comments

Brenda and I built this work desk that replaced the dinette we removed.  A lovely RVing couple came to get the dinette and are using it. ...

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Airstream tour with Cece

Posted in Airstream, Inspire, Interior | 4 comments

I’m not a pro.. a bit shaky.. but I couldn’t resist taking a video of our finished Airstream.  Follow your...

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