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Eco Airstream

2003 25 foot eco Airstream Safari – On the Green Road

2003 Airstream Safari 25 foot travel trailer with eco renovation details below:

Welcome to our Eco Airstream page dedicated to our Airstream remodel.  For all Airstream related blog posts – see Airstream blog posts. You can also see our post on JUST STATS.

Purchased in 2010, renovated for 1 year, lived and traveled in it full-time for 18 months – OVER 12,000 miles…

  • Walls and ceiling – Natural earthen plaster sponsored by American Clay – now with over 11,000 miles traveled
  • 500 watt Solar power system sponsored by Applied Solar Energy, Outback Power and Bogart Engineering– Two 130 watt flexible panels (High Flex Solar) and one 240 watt adjustable rigid panel.  Includes Outback trio of products – a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter/charger, 60amp charge controller and Mate 2 digital monitor.  Existing batteries were replaced by four Fullriver DC224-6 6V AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Deep Cycle. We also use a Bogart Trimetric 2025RV battery monitor which tells data like % full, amps coming in or amps being used.
  • Tea Leaf Supreme eco – friendly mattress sponsored by Keetsa
  • Vida cork planks and natural linoleum flooring
  • Paperstone and natural linoleum counter tops
  • Organic twill fabric for reupholstered couch/sleeper sponsored by O Ecotextiles.
  • Madagascar Ebony Echo Wood veneer (covering existing cabinets) sponsored by Hardwoods Inc (material) and masterfully installed by Eco Craft Cabinetry.  Installation involved a low VOC 3M contact adhesive and finish.
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting sponsored by Elemental LED. Included interior strip lights, puck lights, dimmers and waterproof exterior strip lights.
  • Lumicor recycled eco architectural resin shower door – 1/2 inch silver spun
  • Kirei board office desk using a low VOC finish (see post and pics here)
  • Composting toilet – Nature’s Head (waterless)

During the remodel, our goal was to recycle the removed Airstream parts as much as possible.  To see where they went check out this blog post.

Some remodel photos are on this page but many more are here:

photos page.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Other modifications:

  • Electric jack
  • Dinette removal
  • Fantastic Fan with rain sensor in both the front and back ceiling area – improving air circulation
  • Newly wired for HDTV – 12 volt LCD TV will double as computer monitor for working on the road
  • Black water tank removal – goodbye stinky tank!
  • Ocean Air roller blinds on all 7 windows

*Full list of stats here

Some Airstream info: A home for the road, the Airstream has long intrigued Americans as an ideal combination of their twin loves, vehicle and home.  The silver bullet is the essence of taking life on the road with style.  How can you not be captivated by it’s sleek, sexy design that seems to stop time.  When it came time to buy a used RV it was never a choice really – we were always on the look out for Airstreams, even from a young age. Watching them go down the highway effortlessly and back in the day being towed by a car instead of a truck. A timeless classic that we are now very proud to own.  More RV info. at

2010 Airstream Bambi

Neat fact: Airstreams are designed to spend time on the road, not in the landfills. As such, nearly 70% of all Airstream trailers ever produced are still on the road!

The rounded, slippery shape not only looks great but it makes for better towing in every respect. Airstreams enjoy a 20% advantage in towing efficiency over standard “white box” trailers. And over the life of an Airstream, that’s a lot of fuel saved.

All the beauties

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  1. This is so inspirational… I mean so many of us think about selling off our stuff and going traveling but you 2 are actually doing it. And with such passion and accountability for your eco actions. And opening your doors to let people see these systems/lifestyle and educating. Bravo ladies. Can’t wait to hear more….

  2. Hey Beth –
    Very nice of you to say. We are so drawn to doing this right now, especially at this time in our own lives… at this time of the global economy/US economy… the urgency with which we all need to look at our resources and environmental impact, etc. The passion is just flowing, so thanks again.

  3. Wow your Airstream rocks… can’t wait to try and catch you at one of your open houses!

  4. I love your blog. I am absorbing every word and excited for your adventures. I am also looking into solar panels and composting toilets, so I was excited to get information from you regarding these. May I ask about your rainwater system? Is there a company you used and installed yourself? I can’t seem to find any information online about it.
    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Terrah – Thanks for finding us. We are still looking for a company that will sponsor us on rainwater set up. The Basic concept is to use the gutters on the roof and somehow help send water down towards the back, through a screen to get out large debris, down flexible piping, through the side wall of the Airstream and under the bed frame where the water will run through a filter and then into the fresh water tank. From there when water is needed the water will run though another filter (UV, sediment and carbon) and then out through the “house”. Pics to come…

      Take care.

  5. one more question… what did you use for window covers?

    • Ocean Air makes roller shades. Like the ones you find in new Airstreams. Comes in silver.

  6. I have been following you for 6 months now. I really love what you are saying, and am glad I found your website. So glad you are in the Airstream full-time now. Keep it up.

    • Hi Jimmy –

      Thanks so much for writing and I’m glad to know you are following our journey!

  7. Soooo glad we had a chance to chat with the two of you when you were driving out of Pescadero,ca. Enjoyed reading your web sight that is very interesting and full of energy! As promised, the place we recommend to stay when in san Antonio is the blazing star. 210-680-7827. Happy trails from your two new followers!

    • Hey Mary –

      So great to meet you and your husband as we left Costanoa – isn’t it such a great place? Thanks for the San Antonio info. and look forward to hearing from you in the future… maybe we will find ourselves at the same place again!

  8. You are my heros.. such an inspiration. I bet you are saving tons of money as well. I’m jealous.

    • Thanks Ryan – you rock! Hope to see you out there. We are saving $$$$$. It’s been a good lifestyle choice for so many reasons 🙂

  9. Hey there – you have an open invite to park in our sweet van spot in our backyard this summer if you like. We’re up in Bellingham, WA. Safe Travels!

    • Hey Janna – that sounds great! We will shout out when we are in the area. We are about 40 feet long with Airstream and truck. We have great friends that used to live in the Bellingham area and say it’s a must stop.

  10. All of the changes you have made with your life and Airstream are great. Thanks for the post. We have wanted to make some drastic changes like this for a while and we are just starting to plan to sell the house and down-size to one car. We’ll see where it leads us.

    • Steve – that is great news. Let us know how it goes…

  11. Fantastic web site. Plenty of great info here – especially love the cabinet resurface. Nice job!

  12. Hi! Love your blog! I was wondering how you guys like your oceanair shades. I have seen a couple airstreamers use them, but I was wondering if they give you a pretty flush fit, without the potential for people looking in. Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks Jennifer! We have the oceanair blinds on all 6 windows and they have been great. We had to get the 3 larger blinds as a special order from the manufacturer b/c of the size. They aren’t cheap – $60-$180 each – but they last, block the light and cover the window perfectly. They come with pegs you can mount on the wall so you can set the blinds to 1/2 way to let some light in. All in all they have been perfect for our needs.

  13. Hello ladies. I love what you did with the Airstream BUT CAN’T WAIT to see what you do with that tiny house. Awesome!

    • Thanks for writing Keli. We are excited too. Our offer was accepted so we are on to the 30 day wait and inspections! Yahoo.

  14. This blog is really great! Keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Many thanks

  15. My brother recommended I might like your eco website.
    He was right. Thanks!

  16. I hope you don’t mind me visiting and saying thanks to you for the articles and your great website.

    • Please visit away Marissa. And tell all your friends!

  17. I seriously love your site. Great theme. Kudos!

  18. I am regular reader and have been for 2 years now. You two have such a great story. Good luck with the new tiny house.

  19. Excellent blog! Thanks for sharing your life, vision and path with the world!!!

  20. Very nice blog post. I definitely love this website. Keep

  21. Yes! Love your site!!! Amazing airstream renovation. Can’t wait to see how the mini house turns out.

  22. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I appreciate the effort you take to share your story with the world. Love the Airstream and can’t wait to see what you do with the house. good luck!

    • Hey Mel – thanks so much for writing us. So glad you are following along.

  23. Nice Airstream… ever consider selling it????

  24. Hey Louis – Glad you like it!! We aren’t quite ready to sell it yet. maybe down the road…

  25. Just wanted to say your article and the website is awesome. I am going to grab the RSS feed to keep up to date on the house remodel. Thanks and please carry on the work.

  26. Thank you for this great page!! I think your RV is amazing and I want one!

  27. I love how you remodeled the airstream! We are looking into doing something similar too. You are an inspiration. Thanks.

  28. We’re a small group of volunteers starting a small house community. Your site is great and we love the eco features of the airstream and what your planning to do with the small house. Thanks!

  29. Love the site and your life. Keep up the great work. Gonna follow your rss feed.


  30. Great web site. Lots of useful info here. I am sending it to several friends that love Airstreams. Thanks for sharing your life.

  31. Great story about your small footprint life. It has been great following you the last few years. Good luck with the tiny house remodel!

  32. Absolutely beautiful Airstream remodel! Great eco features.

  33. Hi this is somewhat of off topic but I wanted to know about your blog. It looks awesome – especially the newest style you designed. I know it’s WordPress, right? What theme?

    PS – the Airstream and tiny house are great too 🙂

  34. Hey there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new eco initiative in Boston. Love your vision and passion. Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. I enjoy what you guys are up too. Love watching what is going to happen with the tiny house and of course love the airstream!

  36. Hey you did a great job! Are you able to run your fridge, water heater, or other big energy drains off of the battery system? Or do you still have to use the propane? Thanks!

    • Hey Steve – thanks so much! We can run everything but the fridge 100% from the solar (everything that takes electric that is). We can’t run the fridge during the evening on solar power – it drains the battery too quickly. But we can run the fridge on solar during the day as it’s charging and then switch to propane for the evening. The existing stove is propane only (not electric option). Cheers.

  37. What a life! I am 17 years old and i want to do what you guys are doing after I graduate college. My personal dream is to deck out my airstream so it can function on its own without having to go to a campground.. is this possible? I know getting solar panels would help but what about everything else?

    • Hey Madeline. How exciting that you are only 17 and already into the green/small footprint life. I would say to look at the features we added to ours – they are all gonna help especially the composting toilet. I would try to add a rainwater collection set up too. We never got around to that :). Good luck!

  38. Great remodel on the Airstream ladies!! Very impressive. Found you on Airstream Forums and just had to say hello.

    • Hey Marisa – Thanks so much for leaving us a message. Yes Air Forums is GREAT isn’t it? Cheers.

  39. Simply adore this site, terrific stuff here. Brilliant airstream ideas. Thanks a bunch

  40. Great remodel!! Very nice. When are you going back out on the road?

    • Hi Billy – yes we do plan to hit the road again in a year or 2. It is in our blood and we MISS IT!

  41. Hello there, I discovered your website the other day and just love all you are doing. Thanks for all the great info.

  42. Great page on the green Airstream. Very nice and I like watching the tiny house remodel take shape. Nice design too.

  43. Thank you for sharing your life and all the great small footprint lovely life choices you are making!!

  44. Awesome eco Airstream. I love what you have done with it… How are the Elemental LED lights holding up?

    • Hi terra – the lights from Elemental LED are all doing great. They save money and last… no complaints 🙂

  45. I have been looking for info about remodeling an airstream in an eco-friendly way. Thanks for all this great information. Nicely done!

    • Vallie – YOU ARE WELCOME… happy to help.

  46. Hello, I want to change to a composting toilet, but I’m getting pushback from the family. Have any pros/cons to share? Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    • Hey Laurie – where do you plan to put the composting toilet – house, boat, trailer? How many people in your family?

      • Trailer…3 people tops.

        • That wasn’t clear…there are 3 of us, but 1 (teenager) will most likely not be joining.

  47. Hi Laurie – so a Nature’s Head would be a great choice but you have to empty the pee pretty regularly so be prepared to be “involved”. Otherwise it should do the trick and uses only 1 amp. This would allow you to be independent from the black tank!

  48. Is this unit still for sale?

    • Hi Gerry! Thanks for writing. We did have the Airstream up for sale but then we took it off the market… we are traveling now, actually. So for now, it is not for sale unless someone was ready to pay a pretty penny… then we might entertain offers. Cheers!

  49. I am looking for a non toxic Airstream for a patient of mine. Do you handle any resale of these trailers or do you re- build used Airstreams.

    Thank you for your time

    Dr. Walt Moore


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