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Two gals originally from Canada and Alabama. This website documents our life journey – our path to simple living and finding our best selves. This began in late 2009 when we sold our home in the Santa Cruz, CA mountains and moved to the San Francisco bay area. By selling the house and renting a smaller home closer to work, we were able to pay off our debt and take a fresh look at our dreams and passions.  We realized that owning a large property, multiple cars and tons of stuff didn’t bring us any closer to happiness, enlightenment or community. We purchased a used Airstream and took on an eco remodel, turned a used diesel truck into a veggie oil machine and hit the road in complete “off the grid” style.

Our quest to live outside the lines and explore what it means to be sustainable, comfortable and bold has led us here.  Exploration and educational outreach have been our primary objectives…. we partner with businesses, schools and non-profits to promote simple, eco living and learning.  During our 18 months on the road we have experienced so much. We have been all over the U.S. and Canada but the one experience we never expected was being at the precipice of small footprint living.  The winds of change are here and people are ready to take action.  Whether at our open houses, campgrounds, restaurants, out hiking or kayaking, visiting eco businesses, etc it is clear that people are getting rid of stuff, and down-sizing their big mac lifestyles for something that fits a little more snug.  And why wouldn’t they. Owning and spending less is good for you on so many levels.  It gives your soul and spirit an opportunity to breath and slow down. You end up with more time, more money and all the while minimizing your impact on our environment.

Our journey has now taken an amazing turn.  We bought a 100 year old 500 square foot cottage in Alameda, CA (San Francisco Bay) and are making it into a modern day city homestead.  With a lot size of 3,800 square feet there’s just nothing big about this property yet it has everything we need.

As you know, our website is named On the Green Road and our motto is Conserve. Explore. Inspire.  We thought about this for a while and wondered if that still makes sense with our purchase and remodel of the cottage.  We have come to the conclusion that this website in it’s simplest form is about our own life path to a greener and lighter existence. Our green road has taken a turn and where we will end up.. who knows.  We like it this way. We continue to travel – some years more than others. We will share our life, ideas and travels as we always have.



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