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6 tips for saving money on accommodation when you’re next traveling

When traveling, accommodation is among the top expenses you’ll have. As such, it’s also one of the key areas where you can make vital savings. After all, the further you can stretch your budget, the longer you’ll be able to keep traveling for. However, saving on accommodation can be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve gathered some top tips to help you. Check them out:


1. Consider alternative accommodation options


Travelling is arguably easier now than ever before. Likeminded individuals are now willing to offer up their spare room or sofa for hardly any money, if they ask at all. What’s more, staying with locals means you’ll get a more authentic travel experience.

Homestays and houseswaps are increasingly popular too, as is “wwoofing” (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Swapping work for accommodation, it’s a different and socially rewarding way to travel, according to the Guardian. Check out all the options available to you before you book accommodation.


2. Ditch five stars


If you’d rather stay in a hotel, you’ve got to be flexible. How much time are you really going to be spending in your room? In all likelihood, it won’t be too much time, so you don’t necessarily need to pay for extra luxuries.


3. Stay in an apartment


If your accommodation can double up as somewhere to cook and do your own laundry, you’ll be able to save money. You won’t need these extra facilities for the entirety of your travel experience, but it’s worth the occasional stop-off. Plus, the odd home-cooked meal and fresh washing will boost your mood. One blogger sums up their reasons for why they rent apartments – with some great advice.


4. Sign up to email updates


If you can put up with your inbox being bombarded somewhat, it’s worth signing up to the e-newsletters from your favourite travel providers. That way, you’ll be among the first to find out about deals. More and more companies are using social media as well, to advertise offers – so keep a close eye on what crops up.


5. Haggle


Haggling won’t work when you’re booking flights – but it’s worth emailing the hotel or hostel to ask about discount rates on accommodation, especially if you’re traveling in low season. The Secret Traveller recommends offering to pay cash for a discount, asking for a better rate for staying extra nights and finding out about upgrades to a better room. Most hotels will be up for negotiating.


6. Travel overnight


Travelling overnight – on long haul flights, long-distance buses or sleeper carriages on trains – will get you to your location, and save you on a night’s accommodation. It’s a win-win, just remember some earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.


How do you save money on accommodation? Share your tips and experiences with us.

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