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So as it turns out my 40+ year old knees have provided me with some down time and a much needed break from the brick and mortar, butts in seats, 9-5 job that I have been accommodating since we have returned from our Airstream travels in 2013.  As you know, we returned to Alameda in Sept. 2013. I (Brenda) had been offered a promotion that would mean our vagabond lifestyle would need to be curtailed for a bit.  We became very interested in small footprint living and found our tiny home in Alameda (originally 483 sf)… hopefully you have followed us through it’s transformation!  Enough about that.. so my 40+ year old knee suffered a meniscus tear – this was the second time on this knee. My triathlon training has suffered as my running became non-existent towards the end. I have been dealing with the pain for over a year and it was time to have it repaired again and hopefully for good this time.  So on Dec 23rd, I decided to have the surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Thomas Peatman of Webster Orthopedicsexplained that this surgery, albeit fairly easy and routine, may have a recovery time of 6 weeks depending on what he finds when he arthroscopically goes in and has a look at my meniscus and my femur.  A 6 week recovery would mean that he was able to perform a Microfracture procedure, in which he would remove some of the damaged cartilage from my femur creating an area for regeneration. He would then drill into my femur causing it to bleed.  This will then pool in the pocket creating a super clot that begin to scab over, heal and eventually create scar tissue.  There you have it, relief and regenerated cartilage.  

Here comes the rub, for all of this to work I must be on crutches and non-weight bearing on my left leg for a total of 6 weeks.  Then there will be strength building after for another 4 as I return to weight bearing, walking, cycling, swimming, running… regular activity really.  So I am officially 4 weeks in and healing well I must say.  

@roaming_B Alameda

Crutches are a pain in the arse. That being said, I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for them, they have provided me with the opportunity to stop and take a break.  I have not had this much down time since I started my career some 20 years ago.  I have finally had the chance to let my mind slow down, time to discover what is really important to me (being with Cece and Faith!), reevaluate our lives and the strides we have made thus fair to live a sustainable or unsustainable life. It is time to make a move in the direction of our true selves.  Conserve, Explore and Inspire… none of which I feel that I have been doing with any sort of passion lately as I was consumed in the regular 9-5.  Time to make some changes!  I will seek advice and support along the way during this next chapter, as we explore alternative work, income, carpentry, passions and ultimately the life that we want to live… more to come, thanks for joining us on the journey we are truly grateful.  

Faith Greenrvlife

Faith our 14 year old Golden Retriever, the best nurse and caretaker, (besides Cece).  She will not leave my side.

Most humbly, @Roaming_B.

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