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We Are Moving into the House!!

The time is finally here… we have final inspection today and we start moving in this weekend.

Brenda and I installed the cable railing by San Diego Cable Railings. Learn more about SD Cable Railings and our other sponsors here.  Now some pics.

San Diego Cable Railings4

The darker wood for the handrail and bottom are original to the 100 year old house. The handrails are from 2×4 rafters and the bottom wood is from the 1×10 walls. Beautiful old redwood.

San Diego Cable Railings2


The painting is also finishing up. We are using baby blue – “haint blue” on the front porch ceiling as well as the exterior front and back doors. Learn more about the southern superstition surrounding haint blue. I am from TN and AL and a friend of ours mentioned haint blue to ward off spirits – haints. We love the color and don’t mind warding off any spirits:)

More to come as we move in!


  1. This looks fantastic! I know this was a huge project but the hard work was obviously well worth it. Congrats.

  2. Thanks Barry. How’s Colorado these days??? We will come for a visit soon. We should all meet for drinks and catch up:)

  3. lookin verrry sharp -A ladies. great to see your update.

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