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Tiny House Update: Finishing the Reclaimed Flooring

Howdy All –

This post is a followup to the post about the reclaimed flooring install . Our floor finishing guy (and bathroom tile guy too) Matt is doing some amazing stuff with the floor finish. As you recall, we installed the reclaimed flooring ourselves using screws, a drill, a nail gun, hand sanders and a chop saw. Matt came in to fill the holes with brown and dark grey floor putty, sand down the floor to an even level and apply the Varathane “no odor” semi-gloss finishing coats – 6 in all. He has applied one coat of finish so far and the results are pretty remarkable. Pics below.

IMG_0087 IMG_0086 IMG_0085 IMG_0083 IMG_0082 IMG_0081 IMG_0080 reclaimed flooring on the green road IMG_0077 IMG_0076 IMG_0075

We still have a pile of the shiplap fir flooring left and we plan to use it for the stairs and landing and finish it the same way.  LOVELY!!!

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