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Tiny House Update: Reclaimed Floors

Hello fine folks – it is February 10th and we are right in the middle of our reclaimed fir flooring install. As you recall, this old shiplap flooring is being installed directly over the Warmboard subfloor and pex water tubing…


Tools we are using for the flooring install:

Table saw, chop saw, drill for installing 2  inch screws, finishing nail gun installing 2 and 1/4 inch nails, sander – NO GLUE or other adhesives are being used… The flooring has rich color and patina from the years of prior use in a grain bin in Washington state. We obtained the reclaimed flooring from our sponsors, Heritage Salvage in Petaluma, CA, about 50 miles from us. One side has the old patina and wear and other side has been freshly milled by Heritage. The boards are 5/8 inch in height and 5 inches in depth and vary from 3-10 feet in width.

WE ARE DOING THE WORK OURSELVES…. Yahoo!!! Another update will come once we finish the floor install and go onto the sanding/buffing/staining ritual.

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  1. hi there, looks awesome! have you ever done radiant heat with warm board in an Airstream renovation ? we have the body off now and are soon to put in a new subfloor. i want radiant heat and am wondering if it is too risky to use warm board and water heated. we are making a tiny house, not an rv. thanks so much!

    • Hi Barbara – no we haven’t attempted that in an RV. I would be cautious of the extra weight, ya know?

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