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Tiny House Update: Gutters and Stairs

It’s the beginning of December and we have more to report… YIPPEE.

The gutters and stairs are almost completed so we have preliminary pics to show you (along with some other random rough framing pics).

tiny home gutters

1/2 round galvanized gutters. Rain chains will be used in the front off the porch and regular galvanized downspouts everywhere else.

tiny home gutters

View of gutters from upstairs/inside – you can see the window screen…

tiny home gutters

Our stacked washer and dryer will go under the 2nd half of stairs and be tucked away behind a sliding reclaimed wood door.

tiny home stacked laundry

The first set of stairs (below) will have three pull out drawers built in. You can see the open three stairs in the pic where the drawers will go.

tiny home stair drawers

The stair landing (below) will house our roll out dining room table as well as storage bins to maximize all the empty space.

tiny home landing storage

Stairs leading to the second floor loft, closet and mechanical room.

tiny home stairs


tiny home loft

The loft closet (below) will have a door at the back to gain entrance to the mechanical room.

tiny home closet

Inside the mechanical room (below) you can see the rough plumbing for the 2 on demand Takagi hot water heaters. One will be dedicated to the radiant floor heating and one to hot water.

tiny home mechanical room

View from 2nd floor loft (below).

tiny home loft tiny home loft

Reclaimed 5/8 inch thick shiplap fir flooring from our sponsor, Heritage Salvage. It will be used for the first floor (all but bathroom), the stairs and the loft area.

reclaimed fir flooring

The fir flooring came from grain elevators in Washington. One side has the original patina one side is freshly milled.  We will use about 70% patina side and 30% freshly milled to mix up the look and feel of the finished look.

reclaimed fir flooring


  1. This is looking great. Can’t wait to see the roll out dining table and reclaimed flooring. What type of lights are you using?

    • Thanks Christy. The lights are a combo of CFL and LED from a few different companies – Cerno, Barn Electric and Lumens.

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