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Tiny House Nation – Casting Call

July 2014 – Want to be a part of the Tiny House Nation? Looking to build one of your own with help?

If so, submit your interest in some of the coolest, most unique and special small homes across the country.
Details listed below.

tiny house nation - casting call


  1. Greetings from Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    I have already been through a serious downsizing in my move here last year.

    I am a 51 year old male, 100% permanently disabled with MS. I am able to walk, but use a power chair mostly.

    I do have the required budget and would love to have Zach and John be involved and actively building my tiny house.

  2. Hi guys…
    I love this new movement in Tiny Homes. I have been living tiny since 1987. It started while living on a boat, only 12 feet wide in San Diego. Right now I live in Dana Point, CA and have an ocean view with a rent of $450.00. I have a Murphy bed that looks like a dresser and sleep on it every night. I love living tiny!!
    I’ve been looking into property and hope to be able to build my own home within 10 years or sooner. I would LOVE to win $300,000.00 for my dream ‘tiny’ home.

    • Hi Julie – you should write the crew at Tiny House Nation directly.. who knows you might get on the show!

  3. Hey just retired @ 65 1/2. I’m looking to build a tiny house on my daughter and son in law 10 acres. One thought is to match their house only smaller. Major concern is totally off grid, water collection bag or tanks. Battery bank, solar collectors, out door shower and hot tub sauna. Recycled materials exposed plumbing, copper sheet walls for shower.

    • Sounds good Ronald. You should write off to Tiny House Nation 🙂

  4. How do we contact tiny house nation? I have tried and I am really wanting to get on the show and be part of the tiny house movement

  5. Hi, Do you build tiny homes for people who don’t want to be on the show? I have fallen in love with the tiny home movement. What would my budget have to be for a tiny house about 550 square feet with full working kitchen, loft bedroom, office with bed, herbal room and full bath, and solar panels?

  6. Would Tiny House Nation do a build in Canada, or is a Canadian version of the show in the works?

    • That’s a great idea… you should write off to them and ask 🙂

  7. I am downsizing from a large house in East Tennessee to something small in Kailua Hawaii (on Ohau). I would love a tiny house. It is just me and my 2 teen daughters. I don’t have the first clue as to where to start but I would rather own a tiny house rather than rent an apartment. I am a children’s minister and an looking to relocate because of a job opportunity. Can you help me?!? Please.

  8. I would like to see an oil tanker truck converted into a tiny house. I think that would be cool.

  9. Hey, We would love to have the guys build us a tiny home on our rural property for our three grown children who filter in and out due to student loan debt and job uncertainty. In these times it would be nice to have a place for them to call their “own” without always having to impose on mom and dad. Thanks.

  10. Hello John n Zach ur show is great I love it I tried to enter the sweepstak n wasn’t able too is ther any way u can help me enter it

  11. My Dad lives in Florida and I live in WA state. We are wanting to move him out here in the summer months so he can be able to go outside. In Florida he stays inside all the time. And because of that he get lung infection because he breaths A/C air all the time. He had a six by pass done years ago and these infection happen to him every summer. He love to tinker with his Drones and stuff but it is hard for him to do in Florida in the summer months. Please help us move him out here for a seasonal tiny home for him and his wife. He would need a 2 bedroom design. We have room on our property for this to happen.

    • Hi Angie – you would need to contact the TV show directly. Good luck!!

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