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Tiny House Remodel: Foundation Work

It turns out the subfloor tilts 3 inches from the front of the house to the back of the house. The back part of the house was raised to compensate for the 3 inches and to make us level.

The foundation and subfloor look good.  They remain as much of the tiny house gets demolished/recycled/torn down. The foundation was actually poured in 1990 after the 1989 earthquake that rocked much of San Francisco and the surrounding area. We are having to reinforce the existing concrete foundation: drill holes, apply epoxy and bent rebar, and then pour additional cornet around the area. The city inspector comes today to approve the rebar and dig out.  Once the inspector passes the work, the concrete guy can come and pour the new foundation! After that the new framing begins.

tiny house remodel: foundation




Below is the new cutout in the middle of the subfloor where a wood beam will extend out and up to the second floor to the top of the house at 21 feet high. A new concrete footing will be poured with rebar into the ground and then the beam will be added.  This will help support the second floor loft addition.

image 2

image 3

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