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Tiny House: Tearing Down the House

Here are a bunch of pics from our tiny house demolition.  We took down a good portion of the house – parts of the roof and walls were rotting and leaning from the 1989 earthquake.  We found some wonderful 100 year old redwood boards that we will reuse to build furniture – sliding interior barn style doors, headboard, coffee table and desk.  We were also able to save some insulation and old windows – insulation will go in the new house and the windows will be used as part of a future outdoor greenhouse.

Thanks to our many friends that stopped by to lend a hand…

Project Notes

  • remodel from 483 sf to 812 sf, maintaing the original footprint of the house.
  • striving for sustainable design with eco-friendly materials.
  • the house is over 100 years old and all the walls (exterior and interior) are made from redwood in a board and baton framing structure. We are changing the pitch of the roof and adding dormers to accommodate a loft bedroom.
  • 1989 earthquake shifted the roof and roof framing – leaning heavily towards the front of the house (needed to go)
  • 6 month remodel timeline (at least that what our contractor says).
  • definitely keeping foundation and subfloor.
  • hope to keep 2 exterior walls and 1 interior wall (if approved by inspector).
  • we are salvaging the redwood boards, insulation and windows.
  • demo took 4 days.

House pre-demo.

Alameda tiny house

Removed the front fence to bring in dump truck, work trucks and material.

removed fence in front of tiny house

Before interior pics as we were boxing up and clearing out.



We placed temporary fencing around the airstream. The port o potty is in place.  We had a temporary power pole installed and all cables, power and telephone relocated to it, releasing the house from all wiring.


We are saving and reusing the insulation. Interestingly, at some point, the old walls were exposed and new framing, insulation and sheetrock was added – as you can see below. Here we see Daisy, using “the Daisy” (our sledge hammer). She was so excited to come and help out – we told her that we had a sledge hammer with her name on it!   She and her husband P really took it down. Thanks so much!


The Daisy

Faith has a new summer shave hair cut. She is ready to help!


The kitchen is being removed. Appliances were sold. Some cabinets went to other people and some cabinets were rotting and not salvageable. Wood and cabinets were taken to our local green waste drop off.  Bernadette making good use of “the Daisy”.

photo 2

On the back wall, newspaper was used original insulation… from 1908.  We saved some of the paper and will see if we can restore it.

image 4

Part of the back wall is down.

image 6

An interior wall – look at the beautiful old redwood boards. We will salvage them and reuse them for furniture.


A close up of the newspaper from 1908, we found issues of the Oakland Tribune and and the San Francisco Chronical, from the Sept/Oct time frame.

newspaper from 1908

Saving and reusing the old redwood boards below.


A salvaged window that we will use in the future greenhouse.

image 5

Kellie and Taco, chillin’ after some hard work.

photo 3

The back of the house – roof is off.


The front of the house – down to 3 walls, the subfloor and the foundation.

image 7

The back of the house after demo is complete.

Alameda Tiny House Remodel

Our salvaged redwood pile.

Redwood boards

Got the tools out, starting to clean the wood of nails, tacks and staples.

Salvaged Redwood Boards


For more info on our tiny home – location, architectural drawings and design inspiration go to Tiny Home.


  1. Wow, no more tiny house, no place to sleep or eat for a while…

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