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GasFrac: making fracking greener for the oil and gas industry

GasFrac: making fracking greener for the oil and gas industry

Fracking is a harmful process of extracting oil from the Earth. What it does is it injects high-pressured chemicals in order to split rocks and release oil. Not only does it leave chemicals that contribute to the Earth’s greenhouse problem but it also wastes a lot of fresh water in the process.

However, GasFrac, a Canadian-based company is dead set on changing the face of Fracking.


James Hill, CEO of GasFrac, says that his company uses propane in gel form. Propane, a hydrocarbon that naturally exists underground, is safer to use than injecting harmful chemicals for fracking. Apart from propane, GasFrac only uses harmless elements that won’t do any damage to the Earth when injected underground such ferric sulfate and magnesium oxide. Hill’s technology has been used in over 500 wells in Canada and environmentalists all over the world are supporting its cause.

GasFrac is only one of the many companies today that are integrating greener alternatives to oil and gas extraction. Apache, a US-based oil and gas provider, started using 100% natural gases in powering its fracking operations since last year. Sulzer, Unaoil’s partner in providing oil and gas services in Southern Iraq, has been offering its clients a wide range of products and services for the power generation of renewable energies, benefiting not only green tech companies but also traditional oil and gas companies as well.

Apart from the gel-based solution that GasFrac uses, there are additional methods now done by some companies in order to make fracking safer. Some use recycled underground graywater or brine in order to lessen the need of using fresh water in the process. Some also locates and corrects the methane leaks inside gas wells in order to limit the emissions of fracking byproducts.

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