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Five Easy and Eco-Friendly Updates to Itty-Bitty Bathrooms


For tiny home owners and itty-bitty bathroom users looking to stretch the spatial feel of the space without altering the room’s structure: good news! It is entirely possible to make a room feel larger by addressing the items in it instead of the walls around it.

As if that wasn’t great enough news in and of itself, you can also save money and do your part for the planet by repurposing existing items and refreshing what you already have.

Here are five easy and eco-friendly updates for your bite-sized bathroom that won’t take a bite out of your budget or green living endeavors.

Rustic Mirror


Like the one in the photo above, give a natural nod to a traditional mirror by adding a reclaimed wood frame.

If you prefer a ready-made mirror, relocate one that you have and give it new purpose in your expanding bathroom. On that note, mirrors are a great way to increase the feel of even the most cramped spaces because they capture all available light and bounce it around to literally brighten up itty-bitty rooms.

Refreshed Bathroom Cabinets


One of the easiest and most cost-effective remodeling projects for any space with cabinets or furniture is replacing the hardware. Not only are the knobs and pulls relatively inexpensive but they also immediately create an updated appearance in the room.

For the hardware, you may have furniture you aren’t using or you can take the opportunity to visit your favorite antiques market or local home improvement store for something new to you.

*Tip: Before swapping out the knobs or pulls, refresh the cabinet doors with a fresh coat of eco-friendly, low VOC paint in a fun and vibrant color.

Reclaimed Towel Bar


If rustic and reclaimed is right up your alley, create a natural towel bar out of reclaimed branches. Of course they need to be thick enough to support the weight of a towel but once you locate branches or poles of sufficient strength, drill and screw them together and then attach them to the wall.

*Tip: For a bio-conscious boost to your green bathroom updates, make the towel bar out of sustainable bamboo reeds.

A nice detail and extra-functional addition would be to attach a board of reclaimed wood to the top as a shelf. That way, you are only using one wall of your bathroom for storage and with a combined shelf/rack, you may have all the storage you need.


*Tip: Old cutting boards or new ones made out of bamboo are usually the perfect size and thickness to serve as bathroom shelves!

Separate and Straightened Out

When you need extra storage because you share a bathroom with multiple people, consider a cool bathroom accessory that provides as much fashionable value as it does function like this antique coat hanger repurposed as a towel rack.


Assign each person their own hook and you no longer need to do the towel dance with someone else’s towel! Plus, by having a designated space to hang towels, you can free up those doorknobs that always seem to sacrifice themselves for the towel cause.

Tile Turnaround

Since one of the tenets of green living involves using what you already have instead of replacing it with something new, if your existing tile flooring is in good condition, rather than ripping it out and installing new floors, simply refresh it!

For less than the cost of a commercial cleaning solution, you can create your own green cleaner to whip your discolored grout and dingy tiles into shape.

Set aside an afternoon and grab:

  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Tile Grout Brush attached to an Extension Rod

Tile Before

Remember the dinge because it won’t be here when we’re done!

Starting with a clean swept floor, sprinkle baking soda directly onto the grout lines.

Pour hydrogen peroxide streams over the baking soda and use the grout brush to mix the ingredients together to form a paste as you scrub it into the grout lines.

Grout Scrub

Once all grout is thoroughly coated, leave the paste on the tiles for at least an hour.

Next, mop the floor once or twice to remove all residual grit from the soda, let it dry, apply clear grout sealer and check out the end result of your green cleaning efforts.

Tile After

Finish off the look by adding a colorful organic bath mat or coordinating rug made out of natural fibers.

What are some of the unique green renovations or updates you have seen in itty-bitty bathrooms?

Jay Harris is a Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago suburbs, and is a regular Home contributor on bathroom cabinets for the Home Depot website. Jay also provides DIY tips on all types of bathroom accessories, from soap holders to towels warmers.

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