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Rent Our Eco Airstream on Airbnb

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We decided to take the plunge and rent out our Airstream for vacations on Airbnb.  We have had so many of you ask about staying in the eco trailer… so we decided to go for it.  We wanted to keep the price affordable so we are renting for $85/night with a weekly discounted price.



UPDATE 2016:

Our Airstream is currently being used BUT our eco-friendly “tinyish” house is available for short term rent on Airbnb… check it out:


  1. Love the Airstream. So glad you are renting it now on Airbnb. My wife and I are looking to come to the SF bay next year and rent the Airstream. Great news!

    • Howdy Chuck – Thanks for writing. We would love to have you stay in the Airstream. See ya next year!

  2. Er – I have a dream … it’s your Eco Airstream 🙂
    Since I am based on the other side of the pond, we need a plan. Please feel free to ping me any time. I’d really love to ask you a few questions.
    Thanks !


    • Mariella – you are wonderful!! Thanks for such a sweet response. So now you just need to buy and old trailer/RV and take on your own remodel 🙂

  3. Hi there! my husband is a motor cycle racer and we are loving the eco airstream you have.
    just wonder if you would be able to give us the contact # of the people who build these eco airstreams…. I have started looking for one and I am a eco nut. i would really appreciate if you can share the info ! many thanks! amy

  4. How cool! We are doing something similar with our Vintage 1968 Airstream in Portland. Check it out and let us know if you are ever in Portland!

    • Hey Kevin – Great Airstream!!! We will definitely let you know when we come to Portland next 🙂

  5. Hi! If I rent the airstream can I hook it up to a trailer and take it with me for a few days? Or does it need to stay in the driveway? If the latter, is it an insurance issue?

    • Hi Adam – no – we don’t have the Airstream for rent to tow away with your own vehicle. Yes – it is for liability reasons. Sorry.

  6. I can’t find your listing on Air BnB. Is it still available for rent (looking for beginning of Decembers).

    • Hello –
      It is down for a few months while we finish our house remodel. It should go up in the next few weeks:)

  7. Hi – thinking about doing something similar in Mountain View. Would love to speak with you about how you set your Airstream up on AirBmB for rental and, more importantly, how you got the approval from the city. I listed my email with this post so hopefully you can find it. Thanks!!

  8. My husband and I are researching renting out a 1961 airstream trailer as an Airbnb. We are in Vermont and have two Airbnbs here. Our insurance company won’t insure a trailer as an Airbnb. Would you help us out by letting us know how you properly insure your trailers? I very much appreciate it!!

    • Hello Amy. Thanks so much for writing. Yes, we turned out to have the same issue and so we stopped renting on air bnb. Also our local law has changed and now says that any rental has to be for a minimum of 30 days. Argghh.

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