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Tiny House Plans Approved by the City of Alameda Review Board

Front view of house - before and after the remodel

Front view of house – After (on the left) and Before (on the right).  The height of the house is going from 14 feet high to 20 feet high

It’s official – our tiny house plans were approved by the Historical Advisory Board of the City of Alameda. There was a public hearing held in the City Hall Council Chambers to consider the Certificate of Approval.  Burton Architecture submitted plans and file materials. We are going from 483 s.f to 812 s.f.

In a notice we received from the City of Alameda it states that “Our structural alterations will involve the removal of more than 30% of the value of the pre-existing single family residence to facilitate one and two-story additions. Those portions of the residence to be demolished include the existing roof, rear kitchen and bathroom, interior walls, windows, and the front porch.  The subject property is not listed on the Historical Building Study List.”

Outside 4 views

The four outside views of the proposed house – front, back and both sides

The approved project will add just over 320 s.f. by relocating the bedroom to the second floor and enlarging the kitchen and living room on the first floor. The new second story will be constructed under a high-peaked gable roof in the Craftsman style. Shed dormers will be added on the side elevations to provide necessary interior space while reducing “massing” on the exterior.  The building height will increase 6 feet from 14 to 20 feet, where a maximum building height of 35 feet is allowed in a R-4 zoning district.

So, as you can tell we will still be the tiny house on the block but much needed open space will be added to the interior.  Yippee.

Cross-section of the interior. After (on the left) and Before (on the right)

Cross-section of the interior. After (on the left) and Before (on the right)

The window schedule is below.

window schedule


  1. Design of the four views of house is simple and good. Glad to hear from you that plans are approved by the City of Alameda Review Board.

  2. Nice design of the original historic structure. Glad you didn’t go too big 🙂

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