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Our House Remodel Plans…

We recently got a hold of architectural plans for our house remodel.  Thanks to David Burton from Burton architecture for some great ideas. The 3D plans are coming soon…

Footprint – we are going from 483 to 812 s.f. in the main house.  The original pic below shows the house as we bought it.

Image copy

Original house plan below.


Original floorplan

New first floor below – the kitchen and bath stay in the same location (why move plumbing and walls if we don’t need to).  We will remove the bedroom walls to open up the space and create an open kitchen/living room area.  The kitchen will extend down the wall and we will introduce a 10 foot island/dining table in the open space.  We will also enclose the existing porch to increase interior living space – this will give us about 100 extra s.f. You can also see in the plan below that we add stairs going up to a new bedroom loft. These will be standard, legal stairs that are 3 feet wide.  In the stair landing we will create a pull out twin bed for an extra sleeping space.  It’s not obvious in the plans but we are increasing the pitch of the roof to allow for a new loft.  The current roof is sagging and leaning so it needs to be replaced/fixed.

As we demolish parts of the existing house we will set aside any usable lumber – hopefully use this for the new porch, for decking and to build a platform bed frame.  We will talk more about the green features of the house as we move along in the process and make some of those decisions.


New first floor

Loft bedroom below – In order to create headroom for the stairs and bedroom area we will add 2 dormers (one over the stairs and the other over the bed).  The loft will add another 180 s.f.  A queen size bed will go in the loft as well as a small closet and built in shelving along the back wall.


New loft bedroom

Property plan below – the new house footprint and Airstream on the property.


Site plan with new house design and Airstream

Exterior plans below – Front and back views showing a steeper roof pitch and dormers over the stairs and bedroom loft.


Front and back view


Side view with bedroom dormer


Side view with stair dormer

3D plans coming soon…..


  1. This is very nice, looks great. Hope all goes really well. When do you start the renovations? Anxious to follow the progress.

    • Thanks mama Jean!! Good to hear from you. We will begin demo/construction after the plans are approved by the city. This will probably take a few months. Love to you.

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