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Itty Bitty Resources… A round up of our favorite tiny house, down-sizing and simple living sites

As our current focus has shifted from Airstream remodel/full-time RV living to a tiny house remodel in Alameda, CA we find ourselves scouring the web for all things tiny house related.  Of course along with tiny living comes the idea of down-sizing and simplifying your life.  We have been practicing this over the last few years by selling most of our possessions and then remodeling/moving into the Airstream.  We are hoping to also focus on sustainable and healthy techniques/materials as we go through the house remodel process (very similar to our plan of action with the eco Airstream).  Finding inspiration in other people’s lives/stories has been invaluable.  So thanks to everyone out there living their own dream and sharing it with the world.  We have found some great resources and wanted to share.  There are many, many more sites out there but these are some of our favorites… PS – Mother Earth News (site and magazine), Jetson Green and Treehugger aren’t on the list but of course those are great sites too….


Apartment Therapy | Saving the world, one room at a time – Apartment Therapy


Tiny House Listings | Buy, sell and rent tiny homes – Tiny House Listings


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company – Tumbleweed Tiny Houses


Tiny Texas Houses | Building the Future with the Past –   Tiny Texas Houses


Tiny House Swoon | Daily doses of tiny house pics – Tiny House Swoon


Tiny House Talk –   Tiny House Talk


Tiny House Design (w/ tiny house locator map) – Tiny House Design


*fair companies – sustainable community, green videos and eco-news center – *fair companies


Tiny House Blog | Living Simply in Small Spaces – Tiny House Blog


Four Lights Tiny House Company – Four Lights Tiny House Company


Reclaimed Space | prefabs/reclaimed materials – Reclaimed Space


Rowdy Kittens | live small, think big and be happy –  Rowdy Kittens


Becoming Minimalist – Becoming Minimalist


The Minimalists – The Minimalists


Slow Your Home – Slow Your Home


Sustainable Man – Sustainable Man


Frugally Sustainable –   Frugally Sustainable


No Impact Project –   No Impact Project


  1. What a great post! I had already found some of these sites, but many are new to me. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

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