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Our Truck is for Sale!!


MAY UPDATE – THE TRUCK WAS SOLD – Well we have come to the point where it makes since to sell our beefy 2006 Dodge RAM 2500 diesel/biodiesel/wvo truck and move to a smaller truck.  We have settled into Alameda, CA for a bit and are now taking on a tiny house remodel.  We still have payments on the truck but aren’t using it.  We can get an older truck now, save money – since we will be going out some but not full-timing.  The truck is awesome and comes with tons of goodies – it does come with the camper shell but not the bike/kayak racks.  We want it to go to a good home where it will be used regularly.  View the Craigslist ad here:


More on the biofuel set up here: 2006 Dodge RAM waste Veggie Oil



  1. If you are looking for a much more fuel efficient tow vehicle that is also a very efficient around town vehicle we could help you set up a VW Passat Diesel that will tow the 25′ Airstream very nicely.

    • Hi Andy.. thanks so much for the food for thought. We haven’t quite figured out which vehicle to get and we are wanting to steer clear of large trucks if we can help. We will only have the one vehicle for towing and around town!

    • so our 2003 25 foot Safari weighs 6200lbs. How can the Passat diesel sedan pull this…??? I would love more info Andy. Thanks.

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