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The Dead Fish.. and some other stuff


February birthday dinner celebration – yummy crabbies…

It’s been a whirlwind since we touched down in Alameda late last year…and then decided to stay for a while.  Brenda goes into work everyday and was recently offered a promotion to a Business Analyst position with Williams-Sonoma.  I started working part-time with one of our Airstream remodel sponsors, Eco Craft.  They are looking to offer a small space cabinetry and storage line and I am helping them with this undertaking.

The biggest news, of course, is that since we have been back we plopped down some good money and bought a 100 year old tiny house in Alameda with the idea of a complete renovation.  Living on the road and down-sizing has been a great way to save money.  Not having a mortgage or rental and spending less on utilities, etc. allowed us to pay off debt and save $$$.  As you remember, we sold our house and rented for a while before we took on the Airstream remodel and started On the Green Road.  Before we started full-time RVing we rented a 10×10 storage unit and moved the last of our belongings.  Now we have all those belongings in the back unit (110sf) that will someday become the office and guest bedroom.



The reality is that 1/2 of this “stuff” will need to be sold or donated.  The tiny house will need furniture that is dual purpose or can be hidden/folded away.  Our previous life and stuff don’t fit now and that’s ok – this process of down-sizing our life and eliminating waste has been a learning curve and it has taken time.

We are meeting with local architects to find that perfect fit and then we will begin the awesome process of designing our new, old house.  We aren’t looking to build a 2nd floor or even add many more rooms.  We are going to enclose the current porch for additional living space and remove interior walls to create an open concept floor plan.  The truth is we have about $70K for this remodel and we need to make every penny count.  Brenda and I will take on parts of the demolition and remodel to have fun, get experience and save some money.  As we speak with contractors and architects it’s clear that 70K is not considered a lot for a renovation but we are certain we can create our version of a masterpiece with this precious money (BTW 70K feels like a hell of a lot of money to us).

It is a bit strange to be grounded in one place.  We are heading out for day adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area but for the most part the Airstream sits alone in the driveway waiting it’s next adventure.  She will get an adventure soon enough but not right now.  This chapter of our life is about building our urban homestead – the place we will call home for a good long while.  Simple and small – that is all we need.  Can’t wait to share our design ideas… soon:)

PS – The Dead Fish restaurant – pictured above – is a great place to get fresh, local seafood.  If you ever find yourself in Crockett, CA stop by!  Don’t forget to make reservations.

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