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Amazing New Modular Dwelling: Ablenook

It’s called Ablenook: Rapidly Deployable Modular Dwelling


Check out this quick to assemble, streamlined and beautiful modular concept.  It’s a new Kickstarter project – let’s make sure we help fund these two guys (Sean Verdecia and Jason Ross). Watch the video and be impressed! We also included some text and images from the Ablenook Kickstarter page. It’s a disaster relief dwelling, a vacation retreat and quite possibly the new thing in single family residence prefab design.  Love it, love it, love it! Oh yeah, did I mention it only takes 2 hours to assemble.


rendering of the current prototype ability to expand as needed
rendering of the current prototype ability to expand as needed
  • Units can be assembled by unskilled individuals in hours, without tools
  • Fully thermally insulated
  • Adjustable leg jacks allow AbleNook to be deployed on wildly uneven terrain
  • Integrated electrical = Prewired components allow you to Plug-in anywhere
  • Units are shipped flat packed so more homes can be delivered per truck to disaster areas
  • Can be expanded for larger space requirements with ease in hours
  • Can be used for residential, military, home office, and school portable applications
  • Dedicated mechanical and storage space to suit a wide range of needs/wants
  • Thermodynamically based upon the classic bungalow typology = can be passively cooled in hotter climates
  • Can be re-used = long term savings

AbleNook is a rapidly deployable portable structure comprised of interlocking components which can be assembled by unskilled laborers in a short period of time (without tools!). These components are shipped flat-packed in order to maximize the number of families who are helped in disaster areas, while reducing transportation costs and waste.

Length: 20′-0″
Height: 13′-0″ (Variable depending on Terrain)
Ceiling Height: 10′
Flat packable to fit in approximately a 4’W X 8’L X 6’H cube



Every year, disasters seem to devastate more victims all over the world. In the summer of 2009, in the heat of disheartening news articles and interviews from Hurricane Katrina survivors and more recently Hurricane Sandy victims, I wanted to design a solution that would address the reoccurring problem of disaster relief. I requested assistance from a like minded friend of mine, Jason Ross, and we began a research project to design a solution to disaster relief.  Our goal was to address every issue at hand logistically, rethink the problem from cradle to grave, and provide a sign of hope and security to the inhabitants…. when they need it most.

The result of our research and hard work was very rewarding. The positive feedback we received was far greater than we could have ever imagined. We had to take the design further to really explore the possibilities. With the amazing support of the University of South Florida’s Division of Patents and Licensing we were able to file for a Patent on the technology, as well as seek out a small grant to construct a working prototype.

The concept shelter, AbleNook, is designed to be a solution that addresses every issue with modular housing. It is designed to be manufactured, assembled, and to take on the harshest of environments…fast.

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