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Why We Love Greenhouses


2013 should be the year of the greenhouse!  Yes, they have been around forever but it just feels like more and more people are tuned into the opportunity to grow their own food.  We close on our tiny home in the next week and we are thinking about ways to cut food costs, get our hands in the dirt and watch our yummy food grow in our own yard. Greenhouses are one of the great places where you can get out of the way of everyday life, relax and look after your very own fruits, veggies and flowers.

But besides having a little oasis in your very own garden, check out the other benefits…

They are great for children!

One of the most important things in life is spending time with your children or grandchildren, and working with them in a greenhouse is an excellent way to do this.

girl food

As children have a natural thirst for learning and for all things that grow, teaching them about different plants and vegetables is an excellent way for them to appreciate nature.

You have the ability to control the weather!

As a controlled zone, you are able to mediate both the temperature and humidity of the room to you and your plants’ liking.

Whereas outside plants are at the mercy of Mother Nature, by simply opening a window you have the ability to control the environment the way you see fit.

Remember however, that a temperature that fluctuates will stress the plants, slowing their growth and shortening the fruits of your labour.

You get to eat your own food!

If you don’t enjoy the idea of your food being sprayed with pesticides and other questionable chemicals, then growing your own veg may well be the tactic for you!

In a greenhouse, your vegetables are protected from the many pests which live in the fields and farms.

And there’s nothing quite like growing your own tomatoes, knowing the care, love and attention that you’ve put into them; you can eat assured that they have been in the best of hands.


Tomatoes, cucumber, melons, sweet corn and brussel sprouts are all very popular vegetables that can be grown organically in your greenhouse!

This is excellent if you’re looking to go off of the grid to consume some of the most healthy, nurtured and wholesome foods around!

You can actually build your own Greenhouse!

Recycling materials to build a greenhouse from scratch is also an idea to explore. You can actually build a greenhouse out of used bottles, wood, windows, doors, etc. There are tons of free plans and ideas online.

By building your own greenhouse, you can help save the environment and some money!

Traditional greenhouses from dependable manufacturers like Hartley Botanic are beautiful and can last decades, but making your own is a fantastic project for those warm summer days in the sun!

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  1. Great article. I want to build a greenhouse..

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