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We Own a 100 Year Old Tiny House – Now What?

Posted in Homesteading, Tiny Home | 17 comments

We chatted with our neighbors the other day and they told us that the house was originally a ticket office for the train that ran through...

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Radon Gas and How to Detect it

Posted in Guest Post | 0 comments

Public awareness of the harmful gas called radon is growing and many people know of its existence even though many don’t know how to...

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Amazing New Modular Dwelling: Ablenook

Posted in Design for Small Spaces, Prefab, Tiny Home | 0 comments

It’s called Ablenook: Rapidly Deployable Modular Dwelling Check out this quick to assemble, streamlined and beautiful modular...

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Why We Love Greenhouses

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Homesteading | 1 comment

2013 should be the year of the greenhouse!  Yes, they have been around forever but it just feels like more and more people are tuned into...

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