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Small is Sexy – why down-size?

If you chose to edit your life and get rid of excess how would you go about it?  We have been inspired and challenged by this question for the last few years.  We once owned tons of STUFF – homes, several cars, things to fill the homes and of course let’s not forget debt.  Brenda and I were inspired by Graham Hill (founder of Treehugger) and his “Less stuff, more happiness” TED talk.  Check it out below.


  1. Saw this video a while back and just love it. We have been trying to down-size for the last year and it’s going well. We sold one car that we didn’t really need and paid off some debt from the freed up money. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just got home from 10 days in the Bambi. A little overwhelming to walk into 1800 sq. ft. I totally understand where this guy is coming from.

    • Jerry – I hear ya! When we settle down into a house it’s gonna have to be small – we would love a little more space but NOT too big, ya know?

  3. Hey, saw you two on the Technomads’ site – go green!

    I see you have a composting toilet post. I’m GOING to go read it now. I just wrote one today, so I’m in the mood for poo.


    • Hey Roxanne – glad you found us! The Nature’s Head has worked pretty well for us. I read your post and see that you have to empty the poo bin every 2 weeks. Yuck. Brenda empties the pee and my job is the poo but I only empty it out every 2 months and this works well for us. Hmmm? 2 girls in both RV’s – interesting 🙂


  1. Graham Hill: Less Stuff, More Happiness — Live Intentionally — - [...] found this originally on [...]

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