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Visiting the Bicycle Museum of America

We are spending the week in Jackson Center, OH at the Airstream Factory and Service Center.  We are excited to be here for two reasons.  First, we had several outstanding travel trailer issues that needed assistance: failed water pump, roof leak, and rip in the underbelly.  Those were fixed yesterday by the talented service crew team of Jim and Jim.  Secondly, Airstream invited us to visit them to get a firsthand tour of the eco remodel and discuss potential collaborations.  That meeting was today and it went GREAT!  There will be another blog about our Airstream Factory/meeting coming soon but what we didn’t expect to find here is THE Bicycle Museum of America in New Bremen, OH.  We are HUGE bicycle nuts so this was amazing and unexpected:)

They have 300 bikes showing at any time and 1,000 on rotation.  The origins are from the Schwinn Bicycle collection.  In 1977, Jim Dick ll purchased the extensive collection of bicycles and memorabilia in Chicago and moved it to Ohio.  Interestingly, Ohio has played and important part in the history of the bicycle.  The Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop, where the first plans for flight were born, was located close by in Dayton.  The bikes range from an 1816 Draisenne (no pedals/chain and the rider propels forward then steers) to current day Schwinn bicycles.


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