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Exploring Moab

Chillin’ with friends and pups on the Colorado

This was not only our first stop on the 2012 tour but also our first time in Moab.  We stayed at the Moab Valley RV Resort about 2 miles outside of Moab and right next to the Colorado River.  Arches National Park was just 1 mile away – with a paved bike path that went on for miles and miles.  We see now why everyone comes here to play.  We saw mtn. bikers, road bikers, ATVers, rafters and hikers.  A very interesting mix of folks to say the least.

Colorado River

Cece at Balance Rock in Arches NP

Brenda – Delicate Arch in the background

Partition Arch

Hiking to Navajo Arch

Double Arch

Arches National Park

Sunset hike in Arches NP

Arches trail markers

Choen, Cece and Brenda

On the hike to Double Arch

Food and wine – while in Moab we had some yummy food at Eklecticafe and Wake and Bake – both on the Main Street.  Eklecticafe has great breakfast and lunch – we had huevos rancheros (they will substitute tofu for eggs).  Wake and Bake has baked goods, sandwiches and ice cream.  We had a smoothie (they will sub soy milk for yogurt).  A few miles outside of Moab along the Colorado River was Castle Creek Winery.  They have free wine tastings –  we bought a bottle of red, sat on the dock along the Colorado and enjoyed watching rafters go by.

The weather was hot in Moab – between 80-90 every day.  The RV park had a great saline pool so we dipped in daily.  On the drive to Boulder, CO we hit snow and the weather dropped to 29 degrees!

Heading to Boulder, CO – 29 degrees and snowing



  1. Moab & Boulder are both places we’ve been to a few times and just adore. They’re such gorgeous places.

    A Native Foods is opening up in Boulder by the end of the month, too, just in case you’ll be there for a while.

  2. Beautiful! Fabulous photos, that is now going on the list of places to visit in the U.S. I especially loved the “hiking” to Navajo Arch pic of you both and red wine on the dock sounds like heaven! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Thanks Molly and Jen – Moab was awesome and a great first for us. Glad to hear bout Native Foods opening in Boulder – it will give Whole Foods a little competition. We will be in New Mexico for an open house (with American Clay) at the end of the month though. Check it out at

  4. This is beautiful photography. I love the colors and the angles that you used.

  5. Hey Frank! Thanks so much. We’ll be checking out your blog too.

  6. Your blog of Moab didn’t identify the sustainable – green in Moab. May I share that with you and your readers?
    is so progressive in the Moab community, monthly there is a paper drive for wrapping paper, cereal boxes, beer cartons, paper rolls, magazines, and egg cartons. Annually, there is a battery and electronics recycling day.

    Sara Melincoff of organizes volunteers for litter pick up and sorting up at the recycling center. She is the entity responsible for pairing recycling bins with the downtown trash barrels and is happy to help with event recycling.

    WabiSabi is a second hand store that has a business model that takes profits and doles them out to partnering non-profits through votes achieved by the shoppers.

    Youth Garden Project is a source of field trips for Moab’s Schools, teaching curriculum that matches the science objectives. TGP also has Saturday Farmers’ Market to sell local grown food. Several Moab restaurants buy local grown food too.

    • Thanks so much! We wrote another post related to Sustainable Moab!

  7. I love Moab too. Your website is awesome. Keep it up.

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