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Storage Spaces for Tiny Living

Where do we keep our stuff in the Airstream .. books, magazines, clothes, spices, plants, cleaners, etc?  We sold the house and along with it a ton of furniture, extra gadgets and items but we still have everything we need to live comfortably and well.  So let’s see where things are.

CB2 shelf with a small succulent

Even though we have a moving house, we like to have some of the comforts of the brick and mortar lifestyle and having a few plants around makes a huge difference.  We have to move this plant when we travel but since it’s small and light that’s no problem.

Books shelf and hanging air plant

Other than the succulent, we have several air plants which are lightweight, travel well and can be wrapped with wire for hanging.  Above we added a bookshelf to the end of one of our bulkheads (fancy name for suspended, hanging cabinets).  This bulkhead and book shelf sit above one of our living room windows.

CB2 file hanger and CB2 shelf on the bedroom wall

To get the most out of our living area we started using wall space.  In the bedroom, we have a white file hanger which holds books, magazines, reading glasses and another air plant.  The red shelf holds the alarm clock.

Another CB2 item – on the living room wall

Now onto food:

Bulk food stored in BPA free plastic containers from Ikea

Pet food, spices, snacks

In the kitchen area, we removed the existing microwave and added a hinged panel for more storage.  The microwave went to another RVer.

We removed the microwave and added storage space

Rice cooker/steamer, stick blender and Nespresso espresso machine

Cleaning supplies:

Cleaning supplies under the sink


One of 2 identical size clothes closets – we use the roll and tuck system 🙂

More storage spots



Trash and Luna’s litter box

We also have storage space under the twin bed – that’s where we store extra linens and a small suitcase.  Under the couch we have 2 batteries, the solar inverter, charge controller and a bin of extra small bags.  On the outside of the Airstream is a small compartment door leading to a section underneath the bed.  The water heater is here along with our extra shoes.  Of course we also keep tons of stuff in the bed of the truck under the camper shell.  Along with the 150 gallon veggie oil tank, we have extra supplies, camping gear, paddling jackets/paddles, tools, extra veggie oil filters, 3 five gallon water tanks, a bike pump and a bit more.  All in all I’d say we have everything we need and want.  Bon voyage:)



  1. Nice post. Love the CB2 items – they have great design for small apartment (and RV living). Love where you put things and how you have laid it out.

  2. These are GREAT solutions for your space!!

  3. Hey J, Tiffani and Deke –

    Thanks for writing. We are still moving some things around while trying to figure out the best solutions. It’s fun to try and travel light but well (with all the things we love).

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