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2012 North American Tour begins in April

We are gearing up to leave our home base in Alameda, CA.  We have an open house set with Williams-Sonoma around Earth Day in San Francisco before we leave.  More details on our News page.  We plan to go through many states and provinces while on our 2012 tour.  We are set to have an open house with American Clay in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 5/26 and a few others along the way.  If you or someone you know has a good idea for an Airstream open house. please let us know.  Maybe Boulder, CO – Memphis, TN or Toronto, Ontario.

Late April and May – Utah, Colorado and New Mexico

June – Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Alabama

July – Ohio, Ontario

August – Ontario

September – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta

October – British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and then back to California


  1. We are jealous! Great adventure you have planned.

  2. Well, there’s a lot of country between Ontario and Alberta. I’m sure we could arrange a welcome somewhere around here in Manitoba when you pass through!

    • Hi Margaret – yes we will need to stop and explore on our way through. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas:)

  3. We will miss you out here on the west coast but wow what an epic journey. Hoping you will set up an event that we can come to to see slides and here your stories. I will bring a few pizzas from Azermendi!

  4. Clay – that’s a great idea. Haven’t had Azermendi pizza – so bring it on!

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