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Propel Fuels – Thanks For The Fill Up

Emily and Emily from Propel Fuels

I (Cece) met up with the Propel Fuel girls yesterday at their Berkeley, CA biodiesel fueling station.  They are out traveling as part of Propel’s Homegrown Roadshow.  Follow Propel’s own Emily and Emily (yes, there are two of them) as they station-hop their way down California, challenging customers to “Declare Your Independence” by choosing fuels that are better for your engine, the environment and our economy.

They filled us up with B20 biodiesel.  Thanks so much.

Also check out their Clean Drive program where you can track your impact on things like reduction of CO2 emissions and barrels of oil displaced.



  1. This is so helpful. I am really glad to see more stations popping up and a guide like this makes life easier for those who use biofuel. Stephanie are talking about getting one of those old Mercedes diesel sedans and converting it.

  2. No problem, Cece! We love what you and Brenda are doing and are happy to help out. While you’re on the road, be sure to note all of our 26 stations offering biodiesel at Safe journeys!

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