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Kona’s Healthy Secret – Basik Acai

Acai bowl for breakfast

Basik Acai is a little gem in downtown Kona, Hawaii.  They offer healthy, organic acai bowls and smoothies for breakfast and lunch.  We headed to Kona for a week for my 40th birthday (Cece).  This was our first time to the Big Island and it was a blast.  We stayed near downtown Kona and this place was only a few blocks away.  They make their acai by taking the acai berry powder and blending it with strawberries, banana and ice.

ACaI (pronounced ah-sah-EE) is a highly nutritious palm berry that grows on a tall, thin palm in the Amazon flood plains.  Acai palms grow natively along the riverbanks of the rainforest where the humidity and mineral content of the earth make for perfect growing conditions. The acai palm can reach heights of up to 60 feet tall. High in the canopy of its pristine environment, it produces clusters of dark purple berries. Although similar in look and size of a blueberry, the berry is 90% seed with only a thin oily skin. This purple skin of the berry possesses tremendous health properties and has been used by Amazon natives for centuries. Once blended into a frozen concoction It makes a great texture for the bottom of the bowl.  Then, they add fruit, coconut, bee pollen, peanut butter, honey – you name it.

Basik Acai menu

This was a great way to start our day because it was already 70 degrees by early a.m.  The folks here are laid back and friendly.  The place is super small but they do have outside seating in the shade.  Snorkel Bob’s takes up the first floor of this building.  If you visit Kona go get an Acai bowl – you won’t regret it.

Wake up and live.

Small and cozy – they have outside seating too

Almost waterfont and upstairs from Snorkel Bob’s

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  1. hi i use come there every week. i work at royal kona parking.

  2. I am so happy to discover this site. Thanks for being such an inspiration on your small footprint journey – can’t wait to see how the tiny house works out.

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