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Open Occasionally on Occasion – Comfort, TX

Brenda and Faith at High Cafe

So, as it turned out, we spent New Year’s Eve 2011 at the Chevron off the I-10 in Comfort, TX.  Check out Blessings to YOU for 2012 for the nitty gritty of our 65mph down the highway, fluids leaking out, steering wheel locking up extravaganza….  While the Dodge truck went to the dealer for the week, we hung out in the small town of Comfort.  It was delightful.  We met Denise the first day – she owns High’s Cafe and Store and also just opened the Plaid Goat.  Everyone was super nice and the town has such a quaint, homey feel.  Comfort was founded in the 1800’s by German Freethinkers who advocated reason and democracy over religion and politics.  I did not know that 🙂 Impressive!

This is considered Texas Hill Country and it feels like you just stepped back in time – and that’s a good thing.  The architecture and attention to detail in the refurbished buildings was impressive.  Check out the pics.

High’s Cafe and Store

High’s lunch menu

Comfort was founded by the “Freethinkers” from Germany

7th Heaven Cafe

The entrance to a local house

Antique stores and B & B’s around every corner

A refurbished historic building on the main strip for sale

Love the detail of the old sign hanger

New pizza joint opening up

A glider sofa outside another antique store

The Plaid Goat serving up drinks and apps – don’t you just love the metal roof

All the buildings are made of the local stone and have metal roofs

Another antique/salvage store

Love the brick work

The local bakery (attached to the main house) is for sale – their slogan is “open occasionally on occasion”

Yoga studio

Outside one of the antique stores

Clean your shoes before you go in!

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  1. What a great town. Next time we are in Texas we will have to stop by. Glad you 2 are ok.

  2. Wow! Comfort was a great place to land after steering wheel issues with leaks @ 65mph. Add a flat tire and your really spinning another tale. I’m glad your all ok. I’m happy for you two! Enjoy as you do,the excursions into the wild. XO Dman

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