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Blessings to YOU for 2012

Mystery truck fluid bleeding onto the Chevron parking lot

Life has a way of throwing you curve balls.  We spent New Year’s Eve at the Chevron in Comfort, TX.  We were driving along on I-10 on our way to Marfa, TX (artistic, hippie hub) when the power steering and power brakes went out at 65 mph.  Brenda was driving and was super calm and collected.  She slowed down, turned on the hazards and with a lot of muscle power got the wheel to budge towards the direction of the Chevron right off the interstate.

When we got out mystery fluid (which we later learned was from the radiator) was draining out on the concrete and right then we knew we were there for the night.  I was kind of in a funk during the drive thinking about our future and where we would settle down.  We want to buy some land and set up some small green prefabs, rent a few out and create our own modern homestead.  Anyway… I was all in my head about HOW that would come to fruition and not really enjoying the moment of our beautiful life and what we had created.  And BAM the steering goes out. We aren’t exactly sure the two were related but we think the universe was just saying – “slow down, quiet your mind and enjoy your NOW.”  Our dreams will manifest… be patient Cece:)

So, at the Chevron parking lot in Comfort, TX on New Year’s Eve that is exactly what we did.  We said good bye to the old, welcomed the new and created intention for 2012.

Hanging in Comfort, TX

We received our daily email from this morning and it was a great transition into our new year.  We enjoyed it – hope you do too.  Who’s door will you knock on?

Mr. Moses by Marian Skott Myhre

“He wanted to be sure that the first person who entered our home in the new year brought good tidings for all of us.  A wonderful man, Mr. Moses, lived on the street where I grew up.  From as far back as I can remember, early on New Year’s Day each year my mother got up and dressed and let me get up with her so that we were ready and standing in the vestibule when Mr. Moses rang our doorbell.

He got up at dawn, dressed impeccably in a suit and vest and tie and overcoat and dress hat and started at one end of the block, going to each house and ringing the doorbell.  When greeted, he’d take off his hat and step across the threshold just enough so that he was inside. When invited in, he’d decline, saying that he had to keep going but wanted to be sure that the first person who entered our home in the new year brought good tidings and well wishes for all of us. He went to every house, then quietly turned around and walked the length of the long block back to his. It was many, many years later when I’d grown up and moved away that I wondered if there had ever been someone who came to his house to do that for him.

I’m hoping that this might be your first message in the New Year.  I wish you a year of good health, wholeheartedness, increased commitment, strengthening community, shared laughter, new adventures, continual reward, accelerated compassion, faith, and gratitude.”

It was a wonderful 2011.  We enjoyed sharing it with you.  Hello 2012.  Be well.

Update – 1/2/12 – the mystery fluid was antifreeze and the cause was a seized water pump which was fixed on 1/3/12.

Cece and Brenda



  1. First of all thank goodness you are ok! Secondly thanks so much for the reminder to enjoy the present and live into your dreams but not let them rule you day by day. Love reading your posts and following your journey girls! You are awesome!

  2. Im so glad you’re ok… things like this, no matter how crappy, will prepare you better for what’s down the road! I hope you enjoy Marfa – we were there last month and had a blast. Please make sure to stop by The Get Go… it’s an organic, natural food heaven of a grocery store, and there’s a laundry/coffee shop in town too! Happy New Year!

  3. Hey Jen and Tiffani –

    Thanks for writing. We are happy to be ok.. seems like these types of things just happen. It’s part of what you sign up for, right?:) We are hoping to get to Marfa in the next few days and we will definitely hit The Get Go. Thanks for the recommendation! Be well ladies!

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