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Genetically Modified Food – How Can You Tell?

Posted in Green Living, Healthy Food, Your Health | 1 comment

Thanks to for the following information: We Currently Eat Genetically Engineered Food, But Don’t Know It Fact: GMO’s...

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Dual Flush Vs. Low Flow Toilets

Posted in Green Living | 0 comments

One of the biggest questions we get is “What can everyday folks do to make our homes more environmentally friendly?” I get...

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30 Quotes on Living Small

Posted in Carbon Footprint, Conserve, Design for Small Spaces, Green Living, Simple Abundance, Tiny Home | 2 comments

Living small, downsizing and minimalism… thanks to the folks at Eco Salon for putting these together.  We just had to share. Have...

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Open Occasionally on Occasion – Comfort, TX

Posted in Restaurants, Travel | 2 comments

So, as it turned out, we spent New Year’s Eve 2011 at the Chevron off the I-10 in Comfort, TX.  Check out Blessings to YOU for 2012...

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Elemental LED Press Release Highlighting OTGR

Posted in Airstream, Events/News, Media, Products | 6 comments

We love Elemental LED – we have from the moment they stepped on board as a sponsor.  They are based out of Emeryville, CA just a few...

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Why we can’t always boondock – off grid RVing

Posted in boondocking, Travel | 0 comments

I know many people are like us and just want to get out and explore the country. We want to pull off in a remote location and stay for a...

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Blessings to YOU for 2012

Posted in Biofuel, Diesel Truck, Simple Abundance, Travel | 3 comments

Life has a way of throwing you curve balls.  We spent New Year’s Eve at the Chevron in Comfort, TX.  We were driving along on I-10...

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