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Parasite Farm – modern day urban composting

Modern day composting – small scale

This article came out today on Inhabitat – very cool concept.  Click the link above to see their write up.

The Parasite Farm is a new indoor gardening system that encourages small space urban gardening while composting waste into fresh, fertile soil. Designed by Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber, the system consists of several planter beds and a compost bin with a chopping board lid that can be mounted on any kitchen table.




This could be for small urban living or just people that don’t need the traditional larger outside bins – we want one for the Airstream.  Don’t think they are in production yet.  The pair live in Germany so we will have to see what the future holds.  Check out some more pics from Charlotte and Nils website:

Chopping board topped vermicomposter – lighted grow boxes for your bookshelf

Slide the board to dump the food scraps – love it!

Fruit fly trap – no flies in the kitchen

Worm composting cycle

Harvesting grate used to release fresh soil into the finishing bin

All liquids (liguid gold) drop to the bottom and can be used to water plants/veggies


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