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Offbeat Austin – South Congress Avenue

On the side of a cafe on South Congress Avenue

Shopping, eating and people watching – there’s no better place than the offbeat headquarters of South Congress Avenue in Austin, TX.   Quirky and vintage collide with food trucks and hipsters – you can find heaven in a 5 block radius.  We loved every minute of it!

Food – You can find pretty much any kind of food you would want here.  We saw 2 large lots that were taken over by food trucks – of every variety.  Revamped Airstreams caught our eye as well as the sheer number of food trucks.  They are throughout the city actually – go on Yelp and search for food and some of the highest ratings go to these vessels turned food machines.  It was a chilly day so we decided to eat inside at Snack Bar because they offered a good vegetarian and vegan selection.

Killer Shops – what a great variety of used, vintage, rustic, artsy, cowboyish wares. There’s the shoe boutique, Bootleg, in a 30-foot airstream trailer – very cool.  Uncommon Objects reminds me of an architectural salvage store on steroids – large and small items alike – color coordinated room and nooks.  Their slogan, raw materials for creative living, pretty much sums them up.  Yard Dog Art has it’s roots in old-school folk and outsider art from North America, especially the Deep South, they also show art by contemporary artists whose backgrounds run the gamut from self-taught to art school graduate.  All worth checking out.


 Just Cool

The Hotel San Jose is nestled behind stucco walls on South Congress.  Built in 1939, it has now been turned into an ultra cool urban, bungalow hotel.

Put Austin on your list of “must visit” cities.  You won’t be disappointed.



  1. Austin does sound like such a cool city. We definitely want to visit there someday. Did you happen to visit the Vegan Yacht?

    Love the peddle scooter! <3

  2. Hey Molly – We didn’t get a chance to hit the vegan yacht.. next time 🙂

  3. You’ve got some great pics here. Some of our favorite Austin romps. We like to go every year for the food and music! Great website.

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