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Austin’s answer to artisan homes – small, reclaimed and prefab

Reclaimed Space shower

Sexy old barnwood planks – shiplap pine – old metals like corrugated copper and tin – vintage clawfoot tubs – cutting edge green materials – off grid capable – concrete counter tops – water harvesting….. this names just a few of the options Tracen Gardner, owner of Reclaimed Space, will present to you when building your artisan small footprint home.  Yes, he has prefab designs but that is just the launching point as each house is designed for your needs with the used materials he has on hand – artisan beauty. We met with Tracen last Saturday while visiting Austin, TX and swapped “green building/living” stories and ideas.

reclaimed space

All of the materials are carefully cultivated from deconstruction projects and selectively placed in their new homes. The resulting homes are rich in texture and character.   The wood still contains its historical saw marks, weathering and color variations from its past lives. The metals are patina’d, oxidized, or painted. The hardwood floors show scoring and wear patterns with optional old world fixtures.

An old bldg before deconstruction

They begin with beautiful materials and then incorporate them into beautiful designs: open floorplans bathed in natural light, pitched roofs that create a larger feel, and textures that are irresistable. The design complements the materials and vice versa, each showcasing the beauty and quality of the other.  The price is reasonable too. They can build you a shell to complete or a finished plug n play off grid house, delivered and buttoned up.



With sizes averaging between 300-600 square feet, you can really pack alot of living into these studios and one bedroom prefabs.  Of course, Tracen also has a great 1200 sf home option too, just check out the floor plans.  We see these beauties with LED lights like the ones we have in the Airstream and some American Clay slathered on interior walls!




Custom “glamping” tent cabin with beautiful shower/bathroom



  1. I love these tiny houses, they are so well designed. We have always fantasized about plopping one of these things down somewhere near Tahoe and just having a place to remove ourselves.

  2. I love the brownish color of the bedroom. Having a small house like this one can actually make you a creative person. The shower is brilliant. Great post!

    • Coleen – I know what you mean. Isn’t it great!!!

  3. I want to have the ability to “live off the grid”. Any and all info will be so welcome!!

    • Kristin – You’ve come to the right place. Enjoy reading through our last 2 plus years of down-sizing and trying to get off the grid. We have many resources and other websites listed as well.

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