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Juicing Fruits & Veggies

We use a Breville juicer

We have 4 months of full-timing under our belt. Back in August when we spent that first night in the Airstream with our pets, we weren’t sure if the small space would drive us crazy – we are talking about 180 square feet.  We had many doubts but we were equally excited and passionate about our new life.  For the most part it has been a dream to work, travel and live out of the silver bullet.  Cold nights and never ending pet hair have been the biggest challenges.  But each new day brings us closer to this amazing feeling of independence and peace.  Increased confidence has led us to look at the one part of our lives we really wanted to transform.

We have been talking about changing our relationship to food for 3 years and finally decided that the time is right.  We recently watched 2 food related movies that not only rocked our world but got us to take action: Forks over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  We use the Breville juicer like the one in the pic above.  We are now on day 7 of juicing fruits and veggies.  Our skin is glowing, we feel more energized and we have even shed a few pounds.  As you juice, toxins are released from your cells as they begin to heal so it’s quite normal to feel achy, tired, have headaches especially during the first few days. This is what happened to us but it passed by day 4.  We felt hungry the first 3 days but not anymore.

Our typical day includes 16 ounce juice drinks and occasional vegan meals:

Morning juice – pear, grapefruit, orange, carrot, apple, turmeric, ginger (we like to keep the morning juice fruity and refreshing to help wake us up)

Lunch juice – carrot, apple, spinach, kale, cabbage, beets, cilantro, fennel

Dinner juice or small vegan meal – carrot, apple, sweet potato, beets, parsnip, tomato, onion, cabbage (or some variation of these)

A goal for us is to juice seasonal, local fruits and veggies and buy the lowest cost organic produce available.  We go to farmer’s markets (listed throughout the country at Local Harvest) for in season produce and hit natural foods stores for sales.  Usually the produce in season is what’s on sale so that works out great.  We both suffer from sore joints/body. We also noticed that we gain a few pounds each year just from the process of aging.   We have been known to eat and drink too much.  It was certainly time for a change.

Do we eat solid food?  The first 4 days were all juice.  On the 5th evening we ate a salad.  On the 6th evening we went to a vegan restaurant for dinner.  Everyone is different so you have to do a bit of trial and error to find the program that works for you.  We plan to mix in vegan foods every few days but avoid fried and sugary foods.  So far we have cut out caffeine – we’ll see how that goes:)

PS – a great side effect to juicing is that we spend WAY less money on fruits and veggies than we did on groceries before.  $50 can get both of us a week of juicing.  When we go out to eat we split a meal and that also saves a bit of $$$ and keeps us from eating too much (which is our downfall).

Good luck on your own personal health plan and if you have any questions please ask us.


You can check out the Breville juicer below sold on


  1. That’s so terrific that you’re changing your habits! We’ve been vegan for a while, but we’re slowly trying to make it more of a whole foods (vs. lots of fatty vegan junk foods) diet.

    • Hi Molly – We like checking out your website – good vegan info. Thanks so much for writing. We are looking at this as a long term change:)

      • That’s so wonderful! I’m glad you find my blog useful. I’m really enjoying yours! 🙂

  2. Just a quick comment to say “Thanks!” I have been an avowed “meatatarian” my entire life. Never, ever been a veggie guy. Sometimes people stay on the same path even though they know that path is a dead end. That was me with my eating habits. That’s been a concern of mine for a long time. Well, last week after reading this post I decided to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I immediately ordered a juicer and received it last Tuesday. Since last week, and I’m in no way exaggerating this, I have consumed more vegetables and fruits through juicing than I have consumed collectively in my entire life. I’m on my way to a better me and you ladies are the ones who gave me the motivation to try through your post! My wife and kids thank you, too! I think I’ll start blogging a bit about my juicing journey, too. Best of luck on your travels and if they ever take you through San Antonio the juice is on me!

    • Hi Daniel from San Antonio! You are great! Good for you for taking the plunge. That’s exactly what we did – we watched the movie and immediately bought the juicer. We went 5 days with just juice and now have 2 juices a day and one plant based meal (vegan). Wow the difference in our bodies and the way we feel is amazing. It’s been 3 weeks now. You should definitely blog about your experience! We would love to read it. Happy to know that our story helped inspire you to take action.

  3. Great post on juicing. I tend to eat vegetarian for several months and then do a 3 day juice cleanse. This has worked out very well for me.


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