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Thanksgiving at Seacliff beach – it was overcast and cold but we didn’t care – the seal kept swimming by and saying hello

We have so much to be thankful for this time of year.  We are currently in Tucson but have been in Santa Cruz pretty much the whole month of November – waking up to the smell of the ocean and the beautiful energy of this area.  We spent Thanksgiving day at Seacliff Beach in Aptos.  Several things brought us to Santa Cruz:  it is our old stomping ground (we lived here for several years), old friends to spend time with, being next to the awesome power of the tides, and a friend who recently suffered a stroke is in full recovery mode and we wanted to be here to witness and help as needed.

Our work, life and passions are aligned and we want to shout it from the roof tops – follow your dreams.  It’s the little things around us we are most thankful for.  Here are just a few:

  • Parents that are healthy even after bouts with disease
  • Having the opportunity to strip away non-essentials during this journey and focus on what is immediate and what moves us.
  • Healthy animals that crave the road, journey and our friendship
  • Authentic, grounded people in our life
  • Awe inspiring nature and wildlife – we are lucky to get a glimpse into this beautiful natural world that surrounds us.
  • An employer that is inspired by our mission and has allowed Brenda to work from the road.
  • How amazing people just seem to walk into our lives when we least expect it
  • Old friends coming together to create even deeper friendships.
  • Coming to the realization that love and giving is the tool to walk us through this life
  • This wonderful opportunity to see what it takes to live on less, learn what works for us and share this with others:)

Another pic from Thanksgiving


  1. Hi Cece and Brenda –
    My wife and I have been following you for about 8 months now and love it. We are thankful for your courage to follow your heart and passion. You are such an inspiration,

    • Hi Charles –

      That’s awfully sweet of you to say. Thanks! So happy to have you reading along.

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