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Airstream tour with Cece

I’m not a pro.. a bit shaky.. but I couldn’t resist taking a video of our finished Airstream.  Follow your heart!


  1. Wow!! Lovely job. Great to hear you speak about your home and life and passion and following your heart! Nice.

  2. I found your website a while ago on apartmenttherapy… I have been following ever since. My partner has been trying to convince me that we can live in an RV when I get out of school because I want to do medical travel work that would send us to a different place every couple of months. It is inspiring (and convincing!) to see how you are making it work.

    • Hi Kat –
      So sorry to just be responding now. Bad on us! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. Yes, it is possible for sure. If we had to do it over again we might have purchased a 27 footer but nothing bigger. This is just too easy to tote around behind our truck. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

      PS – medical travel work would be perfect out of an RV.

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