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Want to buy a used Airstream?

If you haven’t heard of Airstream Life yet, it’s a great Airstream mag that comes out quarterly.  I was roaming through their website and came across this great resource for scouting out used Airstreams.  We found ours on Craigslist San Francisco and after months of searching finally found a newer one that would allow us to do a remodel without having to gut and add all new systems and appliances.  We are super happy with our choice, have had the Airstream for a year and have had zero complications with the systems (electrical, plumbing, framing, appliances, etc).  Happy hunting 🙂

PS – I did check each link to make sure it gets you somewhere… (Cleveland Ohio newspaper classifieds) (Gulf states newspaper classifieds) (Michigan newspaper classifieds)
(New Jersey newspaper classifieds)
( Oregon newspaper classifieds)
(Pennsylvania newspaper classifieds)


  1. We are looking for an airstream. Thanks so much for all the links.

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